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Northern Reach

The Northern Reach is a beautifully wooded stretch of Nomura, centered on the Islette River. A wide variety of wildlife can be found in the dense forests, which also provide a variety of choice woods famous across Fillimet, especially Giftwood, among the most skilled of craftsmen. The territory is ruled by the Church of the Heathen Prophet.


The meandering Islette River provides fresh water for the many villages scattered throughout the Reach. The river nourishes the three large forests of the Reach, the Winterwood Forest, Giftwood Grove, and Prophet's Woods. The mountains of the Lonely Peaks guard the northern and western edge of the reach, while the grasslands and gently rolling hills of the Andisol Valley mark its southern boarder. The Blackguard Ocean lies to the east.  

Prophet's Woods

Our great patron spread His justice throughout Nomura and now, from our new Chapel in the Prophet's Woods, we will spread His faith across the world!
Originally the woods were known as the Nomuran Forest, but was renamed upon pressure from the Church of the Heathen Prophet and Chief Speaker Dahlia Povi after discovery of ruins identified by Church experts as the private residence of the Heathen Prophet himself.   The Prophet's Woods encompass the lower third of the Northern Reach, marking its southern border before meeting the Andisol Valley. The cities and villages within the Woods remain fairly prosperous due in large part to their proximity to Red Chapel and the seat of the Church of the Heathen Prophet. Most high ranking Church officials reside within the Prophet's Woods.

Giftwood Grove

The Grove was here long before we were. It's our responsibility to make sure it still thrives long after we are gone.
The famed Giftwood Trees can only be found within the Giftwood Grove, the woods at the center of the Northern Reach. The Reachmen of the Grove consider themselves the caretakers of these magical trees, prized throughout Fillimet for their magic-amplifying power.   This is just one of many reasons they stand at odds with the ruling Heathen Church, whose quest for wealth and power has alienated most of the native inhabitants of the Grove. The stream of pilgrims visiting the Childhood Home of the Heathen Prophet in Northwood, and the Heathen Church's efforts to commercialize the experience, add additional resentments to the already strained relationship.

Winterwood Forest

Our shared tribulations have given us our strength and resilience as a people. Arcturia stands tall today and every day because of each of you, and Arcturia will remain strong because your strength is our strength. We will overcome!
After Centuries of War against the wildlife of the Winterwood Forest and the Frost Fae of the Lonely Peaks, the resolute nation of Arcturia had finally found peace... Just in time to face war again, this time with the Heathen Crusaders. Recognizing their weakened position Arcturia instead sent a peace delegation led by Kalia Furstek, successfully negotiating the Arcturian-Heathen Accord which propelled the war torn nation into a new age of prosperity.   Today the Arcturians strive to rebuild their nation and return the Winterwood to its former glory, leveraging their trade agreements with the Heathen Church and their newfound access to the Portal Exchange to obtain the resources needed to complete the task.

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