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Red Chapel

Red Chapel is the unfortunately located capital of the Northern Reach, relying upon taxes and imports to sustain its citizens and maintain their prosperity. The Church of the Heathen Prophet thrives in the hearts of the city due to the citizens' reliance upon the Church's wealth and prosperity for their very survival.


Red Chapel is governed by a religious council led by the Chief Speaker for the Church of the Heathen Prophet. The Chief Speaker selects advisors and Speakers to assist with these tasks.

Industry & Trade

Red Chapel's largest imports are the wealth and handiwork of the rest of the Northern Reach as governed by the Church of the Heathen Prophet. Its size and influence are directly reliant upon the wealth of the Church, and its inhabitants are steadfastly loyal to the Church as a result.


The Church of the Heathen Prophet sits at the center of the city, with the businesses and homes of Red Chapel sprawling haphazardly around the church. The buildings closest to the center are generally older, and many have multiple additions as their residents or business owners have risen in wealth and prestige. The newest buildings are located around the periphery, split into districts by the financial means of their residents.

Guilds and Factions

This is the religious center of the Church of the Heathen Prophet which rules as both religion and government in the Northern Reach. All other organizations pale in comparison to the Church's power here.


The Red Chapel building at the center of the town was built upon the foundation of what is believed to have been the Heathen Prophet's secret dwelling. Originally serving as a sacred pilgrimage site, the town slowly grew up around it. Eventually the Church of the Heathen Prophet relocated their headquarters to the town.   When the Heathens took over the governing of the Northern Reach in 5738 they also relocated the capital to Red Chapel, bringing a new era of wealth and prosperity to the formerly backwater city.


The city is located deep in the Prophet's Woods along a tributary to the Islette River. It owes its status as capital of the Northern Reach to its significance to the Church of the Heathen Prophet and their authority over the area.

Natural Resources

Wood is plentiful, although the city has not developed the infrastructure to utilize it for more than local projects. Plants and wildlife from the surrounding forest and nearby river are also found in abundance. The city does not have ready access to typical farming fields and therefore relies heavily on imported food, mainly from Arcturia, to feed its population. The city relies heavily on taxes and goods from its subordinate towns and trade through the Portal Exchange.

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