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A small village in the Northern Reach, Northwood is best known as the birthplace of the Heathen Prophet. The Church of the Heathen Prophet now runs the town, mainly as a pilgrimage site and tourist attraction although there are still some full time residents.   Northwood's main employer is of course the Heathen Church, who owns the lodgings and pays for the maintenance of the town, with a few private shops catering to the needs of the town's residents. Northwood's logging businesses has downsized considerably as a result of the Heathen Church's purchase of most of the town, but a few holdouts still work the forest.


The majority of the occupants in the town are temporary residents, pilgrims revisiting the birthplace of the Heathen Prophet or those employed seasonally by the Heathen Church. The few full time residents have family roots and properties tracing back generations. This difference in priorities and backgrounds leads to friction between the pilgrims and citizens of Northwood.


The Church Council of Red Chapel owns and governs the town. Laws are upheld by a Church representative who sits in judgement as needed. Guards are also hired by the Heathen Church, as they mainly ensure the pilgrims' safe passage into Northwood.


Pilgims' passage into town is defended by guards employed by the Church of the Heathen Prophet.

Industry & Trade

Historically the town's industry was built on the Logging industry, but at present the Giftwood Loggers is the only logging company still in business. Currently the town is built around the tourism industry for the Church of the Heathen Prophet.  


The Inn of the Red Oak is the primary business in town, housing and feeding the many pilgrims traveling to see the birthplace of the Heathen Prophet.   The Heathen Prophet's childhood home, carefully restored according to historical records of the typical homes of the day, is also available for tours and religious ceremonies. Various merchants and storefronts line the streets, selling religious relics and icons of the Heathen Prophet.


The town is best known as a pilgrimage site for those seeking to walk in the footsteps of the Heathen Prophet. Sites of interest include the Childhood Home of the Heathen Prophet and the Inn of the Red Oak which employed his father after the logging accident.

Guilds and Factions


Originally a small logging camp attached to the Giftwood Loggers, Northwood was officially founded as its own village five years later in 2682.   Best known as the birthplace of the Heathen Prophet. Upon the Heathens' rise to power and wealth the Church began slowly buying the buildings across town and developing the village as a pilgrimage site. The Heathen Church is still working to purchase the remainder of the town from the few remaining holdouts. The Giftwood Loggers are actively resisting the Church's efforts.


Typically wooden buildings constructed using locally sourced trees. A few houses and buildings, constructed originally by those wishing to show their business success, also contain stonework foundations or yards enclosed with stone half-walls.


Tucked into a heavily wooded area around a tributary of the Islette River, Northwood is a secluded village in the Northern Reach.

Natural Resources

The surrounding forests contain a large selection of different lumbers, especially the unique Giftwood Tree. Fresh water is also readily available from the Islette River and its tributaries.


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