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Staghorn Brewery

The Staghorn Brewery is an integral part of Northwood, partially for its selection of quality beverages but mostly due to Cynthia Staghorn's boisterous support for the town's inhabitants.   In addition to providing the majority of the beets for the Inn of the Red Oak's busy tavern the Brewery also provides several unique beers Their pride is a brew crafted using Mage's Mold in place of yeast, providing a boost to mages' astral projections when consumed.

Purpose / Function

The Brewery specializes in craft beers of assorted varieties and is well equipped to brew various sized batches depending upon the beer. The Staghorns have also renovated a small corner for experimentation with other possible beer varieties as well as a small foray into the wine business.


The Brewery has been a family business for five generations. While her husband was the expected heir of the business, Cynthia Staghorn inherited the Brewery from her father-in-law as a result of her tireless and frequently successful efforts to improve upon the family's brews. This was a relief to them both as Cynthia believed she found her calling among the hops and barly, while her husband would prefer his life as an outdoorsman lumberjack.
Brewery / Winery
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