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Cynthia Staghorn

Cynthia Staghorn (a.k.a. Mamma)

Cynthia is the proprietor of the Staghorn Brewery and surrogate mother to the permanent residents of Northwood. Tough as nails with a heart of gold, she takes great pride in her role as the heart of the true citizens of Northwood. She also takes pride in the quality of her beers although the tavern at the Inn of the Red Oak is her only regular customer.


Family Ties

Cynthia has a husband, two sons, and a daughter. Her daughter is away, traveling as a Seeker for the Followers of the Hidden Flame. Her sons help her with the Staghorn Brewery. Her husband works with the Giftwood Loggers.

Social Aptitude

Cynthia is self-confident and will not accept bad behavior from anyone. She runs the Staghorn Brewery with machine-like efficiency and an iron hand. Outside of work she is the most kindhearted person in Northwood, adopting many of the permanent residents as surrogate extended family.
Current Residence
Quotes & Catchphrases
Tell Mamma Cynthia your troubles. No need to carry them alone.   Nobody messes with Mamma's cubs!
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