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Inn of the Red Oak

An inn and tavern in the town of Northwood, the Red Oak has been expanded through the years to accommodate all the pilgrims traveling to see the birthplace of Sarkav Borskalux, the Heathen Prophet. The Inn's popularity with pilgrims stems from its former employment of Saxlux Borskalux, the Heathen Prophet's father, whose death helped lead to the ministry that eventually became the Church of the Heathen Prophet. The Tavern is also well known for its large selection of premium home brewed ales.

Purpose / Function

The Red Oak was originally a small inn and tavern, mainly housing travelers passing through on their way to visit the famed fields of Softmeadow. As the bandits between Northwood and Softmeadow grew in threat and the number of travelers dwindled as a result the inn became a boarding house for seasonal laborers, mainly in support of Northwood's logging industry. The tavern remained a popular gathering place to unwind and catch up on local events. Once the Church of the Heathen Prophet acquired the Red Oak the Heathens expanded the inn to include more rooms and began advertising Northwood as a crucial pilgrimage site for the devout, leading to a prolific uptick in tourism.


The inn has had several additions over the years to accommodate the large number of pilgrims who travel to Northwood each year to rekindle their faith by walking in the footsteps of the Heathen Prophet. The tavern has also been updated periodically to encourage pilgrims and locals alike to part with their coin in exchange for a wide selection of house-brewed ales.
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