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Giftwood Loggers

The Giftwood Loggers were founded to cut and sell wood from the Giftwood Grove, particularly the magical Giftwood Tree found only in the Grove. A small logging town was built to house the employed lumberjacks. As the success of the business grew, so did the town, eventually developing into the present day Northwood.   Today the Giftwood Loggers are a much smaller operation due to the efforts of the Church of the Heathen Prophet to procure the entire town of Northwood as a cultural pilgrimage site. The Loggers are thus far defiantly resisting these efforts.


To remain in business despite the Heathens' efforts to the contrary, the Giftwood Loggers has developed into an employee-owned business with each lumberjack paying expenses and reaping profits at percentages based upon their efforts working for the business. To ensure the fairness in these calculations a Keeper from the local Hidden Flame commune is retained to maintain the records. In exchange the Giftwood Loggers pay a portion of the operating expenses for the commune's free Northwood Hospital.   The Loggers have also openly adopted magical practices to improve the safety and efficiency of the business. Each employee has a talisman and set of tools which are enchanted to provide increased protection and efficiency, respectively. Each team of Lumberjacks is also assigned a Woodspell Diviner to provide more hands on support in the field.

Public Agenda

Over the past millennia, generations of Giftwood loggers have helped build the world's most renowned source of fine woods for the discerning craftsman, while also sustaining the health and natural beauty of the Giftwood Grove. As the largest employee-owned business in the Northern Reach, we continue to fulfill this promise, to steward and nurture the gifts of the Giftwood Grove while sustainably providing our loyal customers with the finest of high quality woods, especially the famed Giftwood Tree.
— Giftwood Loggers Official Vision


The Giftwood Loggers officially own large portions of the Giftwood Grove. They also hold property in the form of the Giftwood Lumber Mill, across the Islette River from Northwood.
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Business Competitors

Realizing they could not purchase the Giftwood Loggers, the Church of the Heathen Prophet founded Southwood as a direct competitor in an effort to drive the Giftwood Loggers out of business.


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