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Followers of the Hidden Flame

The Followers of the Hidden Flame believe that each and every member of Fillimet has a gift that is meant to be shared to better the world. They have tasked themselves to assist those they meet in fostering their skills and abilities, for the sake of a better world. Each Follower determines their own role in this effort by utilizing their own unique skills and talents in their task.   Followers are not required to give up their former lives when deciding to follow the Hidden Flame. There is no expectation of worshiping any diety, nor is there a requirement not to follow another religion as long as that faith does not conflict with the teachings of the Hidden Flame.


Internally, a member of the Church of the Hidden Flame is called an Ember. The Church has a fairly informal structure, and no centralized management, instead relying upon its own members to determine their personal role within. It does have a few formal positions; members in these positions are self-selected.   Most Embers simply wish to help others discover and develop their own talents. Each Ember will use their own skills and judgement to assist those around them in this task.   A Keeper is charged with maintaining records for their chosen area, managing any needed administrative and/or financial needs for the efforts in that area. Keepers are typically only found in communes built around a particular service or set of services, such as education or healing.   A Seeker uses their skills as an adventurer to locate those with extra special talents, then connecting those members of society with the training or people needed to best foster those talents. Seekers travel alone or with an adventuring party, evangelizing the faith of the Hidden Flame and helping others around the world, always looking for the next recipient of their help for the extra gifted. Once located a Seeker will do all within their power to foster the Gifted's abilities.   A Spark views their role as assisting those in extra need, traveling to disaster areas or locations inhabited by the poorest of the poor to help them find their footing in the world so they can share their gifts with others.

Public Agenda

The members of the Church of the Hidden Flame believe that everyone has a hidden gift that will be needed to save the world, and that their job is to help others discover this talent and nurture it for the good of all of Fillimet. While some followers form communes to work in teams to fulfill these goals, others roam the world as missionaries, evangelists, teachers, or adventurers. Their goal is to leave the world and its population better than they found it. Each Ember chooses their own role to fulfill this goal, tailored to their own personal talents.


The Church of the Hidden Flame has no centralized organization, and therefore no organizational wealth. Each member and commune is responsible for meeting their own needs through either donations or payment. Services done in the name of the Hidden Flame are not to be done for profit, although the Ember can also perform for profit efforts on the side provided those efforts do not conflict with the teachings of the Hidden Flame.


The beginnings of the Followers of the Hidden Flame are lost to the annals of history. Members have been identified spread across large geographical locations and have come from all ranks and positions. Many famous historical figures have been associated with the Embers, either as members or recipients of their efforts. As with any organization, the Embers have also made some mistakes in their sponsorship choices, so while quite a few benevolent leaders and amazing breakthroughs have been linked to their involvement, so too have some of the darkest times in history.

Tenets of Faith

  1. Each creature in FIllimet has their own gifts to benefit the world.
  2. Each Ember has an obligation to use their own gifts to improve the world.
  3. Each Follower of the Flame is tasked with the sacred mission of fostering these talents in others by utilizing their own unique skills and abilities.
  4. These tasks must be performed without any expectations of personal gain.


The efforts of the Embers of the Faith must focus on the good of the world and of others. Therefore talents are to be fostered in a way to assist those around the Gifted, rather than to be utilized for the Gifted's own ends at the expense of others.

We are the Embers that will engulf the world in Light.

Religious Competitors

The Heathen Church does not approve of competition, especially from the organization that cast out the Heathen Prophet himself, and works to drive out the Followers of the Hidden Flame whenever it is possible to do so without hurting political standing and public opinion.   The Followers of the Hidden Flame, by comparison, are rather indifferent to the Heathen Church. They believe their mission transcends all political or religious boundaries.

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