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A Seeker is a Follower of the Hidden Flame who has self-determined their talents would best be used as an adventurer searching the world for those with special gifts to ensure they receive the assistance and training required to best develop those gifts to improve the world. While searching for their next Gifted to assist, Seekers also lend their assistance to others, and evangelize the mission of the Hidden Flame.


A Seeker has a gift for spotting the talents of others, as well as for adventure and survival while traveling the world.




A Seeker is duty bound to help those they meet along their travels to the best of their abilities while still keeping to their primary responsibility of discovering those with special talents.


A Seeker is on a journey of discovery to identify those gifted with abilities and talents the Seeker feels to be extra special. This could be someone with many talents, someone who is a protege in their skill set, or someone who has skills especially needed somewhere in the world at the present point in time.

Accoutrements & Equipment

While there is no required dress code, many Followers of the Hidden Flame wear a red travel cloak emblazoned with a yellow blazing sun. A Seeker's travel cloak bears black trim to denote their chosen role.
Self proclaimed
Equates to
Adventurer, Missionary, Talent Scout
Source of Authority
Past Holders
Related Organizations

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