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Francis Chaldonay

Francis Chaldonay

A respectable gentleman with an adventuring background and a small savings for retirement, Francis wishes to live the rest of his life in peace in his family's home... If only it wasn't haunted.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Francis spent many years traveling as a Seeker of the Hidden Flame before returning to his hometown of Northwood to settle down into his family home, The Chaldonay House. Unfortunately since his return he has been hearing strange noises and experiencing supernatural events at all hours of the day and night.

Personality Characteristics


Having lived a successful and fulfilling life as a Seeker, Francis wishes to retire from his travel and adventure and enjoy his golden years in the peace of his family home.

Wealth & Financial state

Quite well to do for Northwood, Francis has a respectable inheritance from his Great Aunt, including The Chaldonay House. He can afford to live his golden years in ease.

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