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Giftwood Lumber Mill

Pride of the Giftwood Loggers, this is the only remaining lumber mill at Northwood. While the Church of the Heathen Prophet has made some generous offers for the building, its land, and even the company itself, the remaining loggers of Northwood take great pride in their work and refuse to sell.

Purpose / Function

This is the sawmill for the Giftwood Loggers, the only remaining logging company in Northwood.


Plentiful windows to let in the sun to improve productivity. Two entrances, one on each side of the building.

Sensory & Appearance

Visitors entering are greeted by the fresh scent of sawdust. A waterwheel has been rigged to convert the water from the Islette River into energy to run the saw, but also a series of fans to keep the air circulating throughout the stacks of wood neatly organized by type. The building feels warm and industrious.


Various Loggers are hard at work preparing felled trees for eventual sale as lumber.

Contents & Furnishings

A large log-splitting saw is affixed to one end of the building, powered by the waterwheel outside. Multiple fans affixed in closable windows, also running on belts from the waterwheel, keep air circulating throughout. Piles of lumber are organized by wood type, neatly arranged throughout the building.


Some of the woods are rather valuable to knowledgeable craftsmen.
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