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Cianna's Gift

Cianna's Gift is the oldest known tree in the Giftwood Grove. People claim the tree created the entire forest. Given the nature of trees, especially Giftwood Trees, there is some truth to that.
  Cianna's Gift is an ancient, gnarled Giftwood tree growing on the banks of the Islette River near the Giftwood Lumber Mill. It stands taller than any of the trees in the Giftwood Grove forest surrounding Northwood despite its slow growth.   The tree is carefully nurtured by the employees of the Giftwood Loggers, particularly Talik Carver. Those fortunate to view the towering Giftwood up close can almost see the magical fields rippling through the surrounding area and many feel overwhelmed or lightheaded by the sense of raw, ancient power eminating from the tree. To stand in the presence of Cianna's Gift is to believe in Ancient Magic.


The tree precedes the town of Northwood by centuries, if not millennia. Many in the Giftwood Loggers claim Cianna's Gift is why the location was chosen for the logging town. Particularly adept mages visiting the town claim to hear the tree calling to them at night, although the town's citizens point to the magic amplication properties of Giftwood Trees as the source of that particular perception.   Throughout the years Cianna's Gift has assisted the town in its prosperity. Mages employed by the Giftwood Loggers have channeled their magic through the tree in times of severe emergencies, typically to halt major forest fires or end severe droughts. Channeling through the tree is always a last resort, both to protect the tree and the minds of the town's mages. Those who have channeled through the tree have walked away forever changed.  
Alternative Names
Gift of the Ancients
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