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Giftwood Tree

Giftwood is prized for its magical amplification properties. Its frequent use in gifts for loved ones is believed to be the source of its name.   The tree itself is generally unassuming, a sturdy ashy white bark with a nine lobed dark green leaf that turns a brilliant orange yellow in the fall. They grow fairly straight but also very slowly. Logging companies are advised to use responsible sustainable techniques when harvesting Giftwood to permit the tree breed's survival for later generations.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

Responsible logging techniques for Giftwood require thinning the Giftwood population in any given area rather than harvesting all the trees available in that area. Giftwoods are hardy but slow growing.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

This wood is valued for use in magical items due to its innate ability to magnify any magical effect applied to it. It is primarily sold by the Giftwood Loggers based in Northwood, who are careful to use sustainable practices in harvesting the woods. Recently the Church of the Heathen Prophet has set up a logging camp at Southwood to provide direct competition to the Giftwood Loggers in an effort to drive them out of business, overharvesting the trees to drive down prices.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The trees are only found in Giftwood Grove, although no one has been able to determine why this is the case. Efforts to grow or transplant them elsewhere have all ended in failure. Giftwoods have also not responded well to artificial planting of any means within the Giftwood Grove, but naturally occurring saplings respond well to outside nurturing.
Conservation Status

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Jul 4, 2019 19:10

Can druids increase their growth, seedling drops, etc? What about taking only the branches of the trees instead of cutting the while thing down?   You should include more in the Uses, Products, & Exploitation section. Was there ever an incident were loggers took to many? Could there be a law now because of it? Are the gifts just the wood itself? Or is their a common item that it's crafted into?   If it grows in one area, is there a town nearby who makes profit from these trees? How much do they use?

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