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Talik Carver

Talik Carver

Talik is the leader of the Giftwood Loggers and the steadfast rock relied upon by the population of Northwood. He is slow to trust and quick to defend those he respects, with an intimate knowledge of the Giftwood Grove passed down among his family for generations.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Talik is an active outdoorsman with the muscle tone to prove it. He will lot ask anyone to perform a task that he himself would not be willing to perform himself, and he actively demonstrates this trait by assisting in tasks with those skills which he can perform well.

Mental characteristics


Talik has spent his whole life apprenticed to the forest, and knows the Giftwood Grove and its trees better than anyone due to the knowledge passed down by his ancestors. He is an avid learner, always seeking new knowledge about how to improve the safety and efficiently of his Lumberjacks. This means he has also gained a rudimentary understanding of the knowledge required to become a Woodspell Diviner, although this was more in an effort to determine how the Giftwood Loggers could best utilize these skills.


Talik's family has owned the Giftwood Loggers for generations. He is one of the largest employers in town, as well as the most respected.

Morality & Philosophy

The Carver family has always believed that the employees of the Giftwood Loggers are the company's best asset, and Talik is no different. When the longevity of the business came under threat from the Church of the Heathen Prophet and their pressures to sell, Talik saved the business by forming a close alliance with the Followers of the Hidden Flame and splitting the Giftwood Loggers' ownership amongst all his employees. This results in less profit for him but elevated the business into the heart of the town. It was a decision he made willingly, without hesitation and in spite of his family's pride in the ownership of the Loggers since its founding.

Personality Characteristics


Talik is loyal to the town of Northwood and to the trees of the Giftwood Grove. His sole purpose in life is to nurture and protect them both.

Virtues & Personality perks

Talik is loyal to a fault, and will do everything within his power to protect those who have earned his trust and respect. He is generous and honest, wearing his heart on his sleeve even as he hurls friendly insults.

Vices & Personality flaws

He is prone to holding grudges and slow to trust, and will not tolerate any efforts to hurt those he cares about. He takes threats against himself or his friends very personally and will carry these affronts to his grave unless he can successfully extract his vengeance first. He always speaks his mind, which has caused some troubles with those more crafty and politically minded.


Hobbies & Pets

He keeps a pet Brown Wolf, rescued as a pup from a particularly fierce winter storm that froze the rest of her litter as well as her mother. Talik named her Icefang, after the fierce Frostwolves of Igoris.


He has a gruff, booming voice, an artifact of decades spent shouting in the forest before the Loggers' adoption of Communication Tokens. He is a stern but jovial individual, quick to criticize but also to praise, and hurls insults as endearment towards his closest friends.
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