Communication Token

The communication token allows for limited-range communication across distances. Multiple tokens can be added to the same communication network to allow for group conversations, meaning the tokens are particularly popular among employers utilizing workers spread across large distances. While the tokens are powered by the holder's Imperium the magical energy drawn by their use is minimal, and no magical aptitude or knowledge is required for use.   To send a message the bearer must simply be in contact with the token and speak their message with the intent to send it across the network. (Originally merely thinking the message was enough but this practice was revised due to the accidental or jumbled nature of many of the transmissions). To receive the token must also be within contact of its bearer, at which point it will constantly scan for incoming messages and project them directly into the bearer's mind.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

A communication token communicates with other tokens on the same network by using the Imperium of its bearer to scan the magical fields for any transmissions along its own enchanted wavelength. It will then convert these transmissions into messages within the mind of its bearer.   If the token is dropped or otherwise loses its tie to the bearer's Imperium it will cease to function. For this reason it is common for bearers to wear their tokens, typically in necklace form. Tokens also require regular maintenance, both to keep the signal strong and to ensure the intended network frequency remains stable. Unmaintained tokens are prone to reduced transmission range and/or frequency creep.

Manufacturing process

Once the item has been selected it must be enchanted, including touching the item with another token connected to the same network, to gain its communication properties. Typically this also involves carving a marking into the item to denote its new status as a communication token.
Item type
Raw materials & Components
Communication Tokens can be created using any non-living item, although it is recommended that the items chosen be portable and durable. For this reason smooth stones or pieces of wood are the most common items selected. Other items are occasionally chosen due to their unique properties, such as jewelry (for formal events) or food items (to facilitate short term pranks).


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