Woodspell Diviner

Woodspell Diviners are typically employed by logging companies. Their magical services are utilized to improve safety and efficiency, thereby allowing the harvesting of more wood with fewer accidents.



Woodspell Diviners are trained in the magical arts of protection spells, and have a firm grasp on nature related magic.



The primary goal of a Woodspell Diviner is to keep their logging crew safe in the field. Additionally they may provide magical support to increase efficiency, locate the best trees to fell, or nurture and replenish the forest, depending upon the Woodspell's specialization. Out of the field, the Woodspell Diviners are also responsible for enchanting talismans and tools to keep the logging crews safe and increase their efficiency.

Social Status

The views of Lumberjacks are of split opinions on the matter of Woodspells. In organizations embracing the Woodspells their assigned teams view them as an important part of ensuring their health and safety, not to mention the Woodspells' effects in increasing their personal profits. In the logging companies resistant to the use of magic, Woodspells are considered a threat to their livelihood and a threat against their employment.



Woodspell Diviners generally work in the outdoors among the trees and the lumberjacks.
Agricultural / Fishing / Forestry
Other Associated professions
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