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The Icefang is a canine native to Igoris and well adapted for its frigid chills. The scientists at Igoris Outpost have successfully domesticated and bred Icefangs, using them as companions, research subjects, and draft animals to pull the Ice Sleds used to transport samples and research equipment. Some scientists have even formed a special bond with a particular Icefang, allowing them to use the animal as a mount when traveling to research sites.   It is believed the Icefangs are well in tune with the natural magical flows in the region, and some of the base scientists believe the creatures' energy requirements are met by feeding on these fields directly. Research into the matter has thus far remained inconclusive, although the Icefangs' tendencies to melt when removed from the continent lend credence to the hypothesis.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

The Icefang is native to the frigid continent of Igoris, one of many species discovered and cataloged by scientists at the Igoris Outpost. Due to the Outpost's adoption of a litter of Icefang pups after the death of their mother this species has been studied closer than most, although the scientists are quick to point out that their domesticated Icefangs are only an indication of the physiology of wild Icefangs, and do not necessarily represent the actual behaviors of their wild undomesticated brethren.   Icefangs have developed thick fur hides which serve well to protect them from the winds and cold of Igoris, both physically and magically. Their eyes also change color dependent upon the lighting to protect from sun glare on the ice.Their icy fangs and sturdy claws allow them to dig deep sleeping caverns into the ice.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The dietary needs of the Icefang are not well understood, in spite of their domestication at the Igoris Outpost. The canines have sharp teeth similar to other predators and will readily devour meats when the opportunity is presented, but they do not show signs of hunger regardless of the length of time between meals. Some theories state this is because the Icefangs have adapted to conserve energy, while others believe the meat to be an optional secondary source of nourishment with the creatures drawing their primary energy directly from the magical fields of Igoris. Research thus far has been inconclusive.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Icefangs are social pack creatures, typically led by an alpha female. The alpha determines the pack's migration patterns and oversees the care of the pack's young, while the remaining Icefangs raise their own pups and defend their pack. Each pack does not seem to be particularly territorial, defending their current sleeping site from encroaching packs but with little concern to the surrounding territories.


A litter of seven pups was adopted by the scientists of the Igoris Outpost due to the death of their mother, who became lost within the windblocker ice walls around the Outpost prior to giving birth. The pups were easily domesticated by the scientists and eventually taught to pull the Ice Sled used to transport samples to and from the Outpost. The science base now supports three generations of domesticated Icefang, utilizing them as companions, draft animals for the sled, and study subjects to learn more about the physiology of the Icefang. They have become treasured members of the Outpost's staff.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The scientists of Igoris Outpost have discovered the hide of an Icefang to provide surprisingly comfortable protection from the frigid chills of Igoris, and thus the Outpost retains the hides of any deceased Icefangs encountered for use as protective gear. These hides are only useful on Igoris, as they melt when shipped off-continent.   The canines are also believed to be capable of sending the ebbs and flows of local magical fields. As such, the researchers at the Outpost have an ongoing effort to train their domesticated Icefangs to locate these fields and communicate their movements to the scientists.

Facial characteristics

Icefangs have sharp icicle-like teeth which can still be seen when the canines close their mouths, and dark black fur circles around their eyes. The irises of the Iceworlf are known to change color, displaying a dark brown or even black during the daylight and changing to a light green, bright yellow, or icy blue at nightfall. It is believed these adaptations assist in visibility, to allow the canines to see clearly in spite of the severe sun glare from the ice.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Icefang is native to Igoris, which is believed to be the only continent on which the species can exist. Attempts to send pups away from the Igoris Outpost to different continents for further study have resulted in the canines actually melting en route, even after being placed under advanced protective spellwork. This has occurred with both live and deceased specimens. Autopsies of deceased Icefangs performed on Igoris show the creatures to consist of flesh and bone and tissues, the same as any other living thing, so the cause of this melting is as yet unknown although the leading hypothesis states the canines require some form of magical field present in Igoris in order to survive.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Icefangs have exceptional hearing. It is also believed that they are capable of actively sensing the currents and flows of nearby magical fields.
Scientific Name
Canis igoris
8 to 12 years
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Average Height
4 feet
Average Weight
180 lbs
Average Length
6 to 8 feet
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Most Icefangs are a slight bluish-white in color, to blend in best with the icy barren landscape of Igoris, with black markings around their eyes.
Geographic Distribution


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