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Formerly a small town in the Northern Reach on the outskirts of a dense woods, the area has fallen into disrepair due to bandit raids in the nearby woods. Softmeadow was best known for their horticulture; as a result the local meadows are full of unique and beautiful flowers formerly grown by the populace. The names of many of these flowers are now lost to history.   While the town is now in ruins, those intent on procuring unique and beautiful flora still make the pilgrimage to the town, doing their best to avoid the bandits who have settled in the nearby area.

Guilds and Factions


Once a thriving horticultural village full of unique breeds of flowers, Softmeadown was slowly strangled due to attacks from bandits taking refuge in the local woods.

Natural Resources

Abandoned horticultural fields filled with flowers


Location under

Cover image: Nature Forest Trees by jplenio


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