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Myrrdin, City of Plantrise, was once a thriving farming community before the War of Generations. As the most isolated of the cities, surrounded completely by the Winterwood Forest and without a local river, the city shrunk to a town as it pulled into itself for defense. Since the end of the War Myrrdin has slowly been recovering and renewing its traditional farming.   The town is named for Myrrdin, Druid of Plantrise, fifth month of the Druid Circle of Life, the beginning of the planting season.


Myrrdin is surrounded by the wooden defenses typical of cities in Arcturia, strong against wildlife but surmountable by sentient foes.


Myrrdin is towards the northwest of Arcturia, deep within the Winterwood Forest. Its surrounding farmland was overgrown by the forest during the War of Generations, and the townspeople are just now starting to reclaim the land that was once theirs.
Alternative Name(s)
The City of Plantrise
Large town
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