Blodwen, City of Harvest, is an unassuming city on the edge of the Arcturian Cliffs. It sits with the Winterwood Forest to its west and the shores of the Blackguard Ocean below.   Blodwen is named for Blodwen, Druid of Harvest, representing the seventh month of the Druid Circle of Life calendar, and the harvest season.


Blodwen is primarily inhabited by Humans and Dracoling, with a sizeable gathering of Canids. Most other races have a presence here as well due to the city's status not only as a portal city but also its thriving airdock and seaport. It is also rumored as a favorite city of the mythical Noble Dragons which has inspired many to seek out the city's secrets.


Blodwen is a well-defended city, with a heavy wall of wood and stone encircling the entire periphery. This defensive structure was built to defend against all forms of enraged wildlife, but could be surmounted by attacks from a sentient foe.   Its walls do allow an unprecedented view of the shoreline below the Arcturian Cliffs, especially the stone steps carved into the cliff face leading into the city, allowing for an unprecedented defense from forces along the shore. All citizens of the city are still well trained in combat, but with more relaxed requirements and a greater emphasis on personal self-defense now that the War of Generations has ended.


Blodwen currently relies upon deep wells for obtaining their water supply. With the end of the War of Generations and the cliff steps now safe enough for travel they have begun experimentation with evaporative desalination to obtain both water and salt.   The now-maintained stone steps allow ready access to the Blackguard Ocean and Blodwen's busy port, teeming mostly with fishermen with eyes set on the bounty of the ocean.   An airdock on the edge of the Arcturian Cliffs allows for ease of travel by Airship for those with the means and the patience. The Society of Scientific Exploration and Discovery has used this airdockany times in their exploration and research of the skies of Fillimet.   Sewage is dumped into the ocean south of the city after passing through Blodwen's extensive sewer system.


Blodwen lies on the eastern edge of the Winterwood Forest, at the top of the Arcturian Cliffs overlooking the Blackguard Ocean. Stairs have been carved into the cliff face to allow for access to the ocean, allowing for a thriving port for both Airships and Sea Skimmers.

Natural Resources

Blodwen's ready access to travel by Airship and Sea Skimmer, as well as its status as a portal city, have opened up countless trade opportunities for the residents of the city. Blodwen deals in trade in Metalsmithing and Leathersmithing goods as well as seafood from its boring fishing industry. In keeping with its namesake Blodwen has also developed a thriving array of traditional farms, trading excess harvests for items that cannot be grown in the rocky soil of the clifftop.
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The City of Harvest
Large city
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