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Winterwood Forest

After nearly two centuries of magical interference from the frost fae the Winterwood Forest is slowly regaining its natural balance. The people of Arcturia are adventuring back into the forest, the wildlife is regaining its numbers, and the overgrown plants have been tamed in the more populated regions.   Some believe the forest is not yet done fighting the war, despite the frost fae's own spell work to undo their previous enchantments. Rumors tell of ordinary plants attacking travelers in the deepest, most overgrown sections of the forest. Most dismiss these stories as tales from individuals uncomfortable traversing the overgrown forest.


The Winterwood Forest is the northernmost forest in Nomura, stretching north of the Giftwood Grove until it reaches the Arktos Ocean. The forest has varied geography, beginning fairly flat along the Blackguard Ocean in the east until giving way to rolling hills and then the craggy mountains of the Lonely Peaks to the west. The Islette River and its tributaries keep the forest green and thriving.

Fauna & Flora

After nearly two centuries in a Frost Fae-induced magical rage, the wildlife of the forest is slowly recovering from the War of Generations. The animals have slowly been resuming their instinctual behaviors, growing in health and in quantity as a result. The fish population of the Islette River has been dropping to more balanced levels as well as they return to their proper place in the food chain.   The overgrown plants of the forest are easier to traverse than in past generations due to the larger quantities of animals. The Arcturians have also been developing roads between their cities in efforts to resume physical travel within the forest. While this has thinned the brush in areas near the walled cities of Arcturia much of the Winterwood is old forest, its plants untamed and wild.   The long exposure to the aggressive magic of the frost fae may have had some unexpected effects upon the plantlife of the forest. Species of plants considered mundane elsewhere have been rumored to attack the weary traveler at random in the more overgrown sections of the forest. Many dismiss the stories, claiming this is a trick of the mind due to the overgrown nature of the plantlife, but others believe magic is at work.

Natural Resources

Various varieties of wood are available from the forest although the majority of trees are brittle varieties of evergreen. Leathers and other animal products can be obtained from the wildlife which have slowly been making a comeback after their population losses during the War of Generations. Fish and shellfish are readily available from the freshwater Islette River and its tributaries in the forest, as well as the saltwater Blackguard and Arktos Oceans to the east and north. Metallic ores can be found where the forest meets the Lonely Peaks in the west.
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