The wooded continent of Nomura is full of a great variety of wildlife, an abundance of various natural resources, and pristine meandering rivers. The continent consists of the Lonely Peaks to the north, the Northern Reach to the east, and the Andisol Valley to the south.


Nomura contains a mountain range along its western coast, rolling hills and plains to the south, and numerous forests and water features. It is conventionally divided into three main locations: the Northern Reach, the Lonely Mountains, and the Andisol Valley.  

Northern Reach

This forest has always been my family's home, and no corrupt Prophet-Pusher is going to take it away from me now.
The Reach encompasses a beautiful tract of land claiming three distinct forests cut by pristine mountain-fed rivers. Logging remains a profitable enterprise here, with most food products obtained from the forest wilds or grown in the aquaponics farms of the northern nation of Arcturia.   The Northern Reach finds itself at the brink of rebellion. Decades of mistreatment at the hands of the governing Church of the Heathen Prophet has pushed the Reachmen towards a distrust of outsiders and a crafty defiance of their political leaders. It is only the Heathen Church's brutal methods of justice and retribution that have held this simmering dispute in check, and fear won't hold the oppressed down forever.

Lonely Peaks

"Do Not Enter" is just another way of saying "I want to find the good stuff first!"
— hopeful prospector
The snow capped Lonely Peaks dominate the western shores of Nomura, a distant backdrop for life upon the continent. Fearsome Feral Dragons are frequently spotted circling the peaks, defending their colonies or hunting for a meal. Whispered rumors speak of tiny Frost Fae villages far to the north, populated by diminutive fairies subsiding on flower nectar.   Beneath the mountains lie untold mysteries. Explorers from the depths below the mountains have returned with tales of fantastical glowing fungi and fearsome sounds echoing the movements of frightening beasts. Closer to the surface several mining companies have discovered as assortment of useful metals and the occasional gemstone, leading to much speculation and many failed expeditions seeking riches from the depths.

Andisol Valley

...No matter where my feet may roam / Antheduum fields will call me home...
— Lyrics excerpt, Fields of Andovia
The fertile fields of the Andisol Valley support a thriving society of city states and their affiliated villages and farming hamlets. For most, Andovian life revolves around hard work and practical comforts, although the famed magical haven of Arcana also resides within the Valley, attracting mages from across Fillimet for magical instruction and research. Thriving port towns along the Blackguard Ocean serve as trade gateways to the rest of Fillimet, for those traveling outside of the Portal Exchange.   The Valley owes its success to the dormant supervolcano sleeping beneath southern Nomura. While it currently shows no signs of activity, ancient myths from before the recorded histories of the Fillimet Magical Archives hint at the devistation lying in wait should the volcano reawaken.


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