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Islwyn, City of Newdawn, is a thriving coastal fishing city founded at the northernmost point of Arcturia. It is named for Islwyn, Druid of Newdawn, first month of the Druid Circle of Life, when the sun reawakens from its slumber.


Islwyn is surrounded by the wooden defenses typical of cities in Arcturia, strong against wildlife but surmountable by sentient foes.


Islwyn possesses a floating set of docks anchored safely in the ocean, connected to the city by an elevated bridge. Originally constructed to maintain the city's connection to the sea during the War of Generations the Sky Bridge is eagerly maintained and actively utilized to this day as a cherished historical structure.


Islwyn has a long and storied relationship with the waters of Arktos Ocean, unbroken by the isolation caused throughout the cities of Arcturia during the War of Generations. As the other cities pulled inside their walls, fearful to send their citizens outside the walls to face the wrath of the enraged wildlife, the citizens of Islwyn developed an elevated bridge to floating docks safely tucked into the ocean. While travel by sea was generally slow, and the seas around Islwyn frozen for several months each year, trade and fishing was possible via the whims of the sea.


Islwyn is the furthest north of all the cities in Arcturia, laying claim to the northernmost tip of Nomura where the Winterwood Forest approaches the Arktos Ocean.

Natural Resources

Islwyn relies heavily on the bounty of the sea for food and trade. The city's thriving fishing industry has made a name for itself across Fillimet.
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The City of Newdawn
Large city
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