Church of the Heathen Prophet (Building)

The Church of the Heathen Prophet is towering red cathedral, center of the Church of the Heathen Prophet religion of the same name.

Purpose / Function

Center of the Church of the Heathen Prophet Religion and home of the leadership of the Church including the Chief Speaker. Those at the Red Chapel manage the overall business of the Heathens.


As the Church of the Heathen Prophet religion has grown, so has the Red Chapel, with many additions built over the years.


Each addition to the Red Chapel bears the popular architecture of the time it was built, but in keeping with tradition all are colored red.


The original chapel on the site was built on the foundation of a house believed to have belonged to The Heathen Prophet. Over the years are the church and its needs have grown the building has been expanded to accommodate, first with housing for those of the religious order, then with a larger church building, administrative offices, and finally the large cathedral. The original chapel is now kept private, only accessible for those who serve the Heathen Prophet within the order. The larger church is available for private events, while the cathedral serves the public with regular services and other celebrations.
Alternative Names
Red Chapel; Church of the Heathen Prophet
Cathedral / Great temple
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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