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Sarkav Borskalux

Sarkav Borskalux (a.k.a. The Heathen Prophet)

Sarkav Borskalux lost his parents at an early point of his adult life, leading him to dedicate his life to helping others through the use of his magical and telepathic abilities. Known later in life as the Heathen Prophet, Sarkav was best known during his lifetime as either a helper of the abused or a heretic against the Hidden Flame, depending upon who you asked.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Sarkav possessed an aptitude with magic typical of those of the Redaxx species, as well as the male's standard telepathic and superempathic talents.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Early Life

  Son of Alvaria Salviax Borskalux and Saxlux Borskalux, not much is known of Sarkav's early life. He lived with his parents and his aunt Moria Salviax, who assisted in his upbringing. His father was injured in a logging accident and was prone to lashing out at others, especially Alvaria, and Sarkav was frequently standing up for his mother.   As one of the few remaining Redaxx he was apprenticed to a wizard several towns over to develop his natural talents with magic. It was during this time, while he was away from home, that his mother died from bodily trauma under mysterious circumstances. He buried her in the backyard of the family home with the assistance of his aunt and an adventuring Spark of the Followers of the Hidden Flame.  

Joining the Hidden Flame

  Recognizing Sarkav's talents, the Spark took him under her wing and began to train him in the arts of magic and the Teachings of the Hidden Flame. Sarkav took quickly to both and, still feeling guilty at being away when his mother died, determined he would dedicate his life to helping those in abusive situations the way he had hoped to assist his mother.   Via the use of his telepathic skills Sarkav became quite adept at locating those trapped in emotionally or physically unhealthy situations, and built a name for himself across the Northern Reach as a great benefactor of the downtrodden. Those worried about the safety of their friends or relatives began to seek him out, sending messages to his Aunt Moria which she would dutifully pass along each night in response to Sarkav's regular Sending call.  

Naming of the Heathen Prophet

  As Sarkav's fame grew, so too did the awareness of more and more of the Followers of the Hidden Flame regarding some of Sarkav's practices. Sarkav always believed that the end justified the means, and so would pursue paths including cold blooded murder of the offending parties towards his end of freeing his patrons from their unhealthy relationships. Unfortunately his views and interpretations of events were also skewed by his past experiences and so his decisions on who to help were frequently biased. He was also prone to using his telepathic readings to obtain his own desires, even in cases specifically forbidden by the teachings of the Hidden Flame.   While the Hidden Flame has no formal structure, they do have shared standards. As more Embers learned of Sarkav's questionable policies they began to label him a Heathen, one who claims to follow the tenets of the faith but only when it suits them. Those in the Northern Reach still considered him a Prophet and so Sarkav became known as the Heathen Prophet.  

Personal Ministry and Death

  Cut off from the Hidden Flame, Sarkav continued his ministries anyway. He used every means available to free those in situations he determined to be abusive. This continued for several decades until one day he never arrived at his intended destination. His Aunt Moira had received his daily magical greetings the night before, but none since his failure to arrive. As news of Sarkav's disappearance spread many townspeople set out to search for him, but he had disappeared without a trace. After a while it was assumed he fell victim to bandits or hostile wildlife during his travels.


Sarkav began his magical training under a wizard several towns away from his family. Upon his mother's death he was apprenticed to a Seeker of the Followers of the Hidden Flame/

Mental Trauma

Death of his mother due to unknown circumstances when he was a young adult. Death of his father less than a year later. Excommunication from the Followers of the Hidden Flame.

Intellectual Characteristics

Telepathic abilities inherent to the Redaxx race to read the emotions and desires of others, and a shark intellect to use that information to his advantage.

Morality & Philosophy

Sarkav believed that it was his role to defend those in traumatic and abusive situations, using any tools he had available to complete this task.

Personality Characteristics


Sarkav strove to defend those he believed to be in abusive relationships, to protect them the way he could not protect his mother. As news of his work spread and more people reached out to him for aid, the thanks and appreciation for his efforts became a strong motivation to bury himself in his work.


Family Ties

After the death of both parents he still kept in touch with his aunt Moria Salviax until her eventual death.

Religious Views

Originally a Follower of the Hidden Flame, Sarkav came to believe that the end justified the means, leading to his eventual excommunication from the Faith.

Social Aptitude

Sarkav can be almost anything to anyone, courtesy of his telepathic abilities to read the emotions and desires of his audience and his willingness to do whatever he deems necessary to achieve his goals.


A showman to the end, why be subtle in production when you can go big? Not only does this attract the attention desired by Sarkav, but it also serves to hide the subtle ways he manipulates others.

Wealth & Financial state

Able to use his telepathy to determine the desires and emotions of those around him, Sarkav easily converts that information into coin or whatever else he wants by playing the part most suitable for his audience. He wants for nothing, as he can con almost anyone out of anything.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Heathen Prophet
3213 CFE 3297 CFE 84 years old
Circumstances of Death
Sarkav disappeared while traveling to answer one of many requests for him assistance.
Aligned Organization

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