Travonia is a small and fairly unremarkable village along the Sloval Lake within the Andisol Valley. Its citizens are simple, honest, and hardworking, resulting in a larger collection of successful craftsmen than most towns twice their size.

Industry & Trade

The fertile farmlands surrounding Travonia easily support the town's food requirements, allowing for the growth of additional crops aimed towards supporting the village's many craftsmen. The Metalsmiths of Travonia are well respected among those with an interest in skilled metalwork, bearing the marks of both skilled Metalmancy and high quality materials brought in from across Fillimet. The Clothiers of the village meanwhile rely upon locally sourced materials, particularly fibers from the Silkweed plant expertly worked with Threadmancy techniques.   The people of Travonia take their work seriously. While most are simple people leading simple lives they put their hearts into their work and the effort shows in the efforts of their labors. While most people across Fillimet are unfamiliar with Travonia and its people those who know the village recognize that something made in Travonia is guaranteed to last.


Travonia is a small town on the eastern shores of the Sloval Lake. The still waters are a popular view along the crafter's lane on the edge of the village. Travonia's holdimgs extend across the fertile plain near the lake until the edge of the Fyreflower Hills to the east.

Natural Resources

Travonia relies upon the Sloval Lake for their water supply for drinking, irrigating their fields, and supplying the water needed for their thriving craftsmen. Fish are plentiful within the lake and the surrounding fields are as fertile as any within the Andisol Valley. Travonia's thriving farming community concentrates mostly on food crops and Silkweed, carefully cultivating and harvesting the lifeblood of the town.
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