Avorae is a bustling seaside city known for its industrious shipbuilding and idyllic beaches. If you can find it on a ship you can probably find it for manufacture in Avorae.

Industry & Trade

Avorae is the largest manufacturer of seafaring vessels in Nomura. The bulk of the industry of the entire town centers around the construction of ships, self-propelling sails, sailing rescue flares and other such crucial naval equipment. If it goes on a boat you can find it at Avorae.   Of lesser renown, the city is also home to several brewers of Fyreflower Cider, a bright orange spicy hot wine with sweet undertones.


The shipyards are the most notable feature of Avorae, a vast collection of drydocks sporting seafaring vessels in various sizes, shapes, and state of manufacture stretching for miles. A system of canals interconnect the drydocks to allow for ease of flooding or draining as required.


Avorae sits on the edge of the delta of the Springbass River in the Andisol Valley. A bustling seaport against the Blackguard Ocean, Avorae is the birthplace of many captains' prized vessels.

Natural Resources

Avorae has ready access to the Blackguard Ocean and the treasures of the sea. Its proximity to the Ashgrove Forest has also been a boon for its shipbuilding empire.
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