Andisol Lake

Andisol Lake is situated within a large, extinct caldera in the grasslands of the Andisol Valley. It is home to a variety of wildlife and freshwater creatures.


Andisol Lake is located in an extinct caldera in the center of the Andisol Valley's plains. The lake and its surrounding ridges are the largest landforms in the southwestern Valley, only surpassed by the Lonely Peaks to the northwest.   The lake is fed by tributaries originating in the Lonely Peaks, and drains south into the Lokiran Ocean via the Andisol River. Arcana Island lies in the middle.

Fauna & Flora

Countless wildlife considers Andisol Lake home, including a large variety of freshwater fish and shellfish and supports over 30 species of bird and three varieties of frog.

Natural Resources

Due to the nature of the Andisol Valley's volcanic activity, the lake is host to rich ore deposits within its depths.
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