Hopestaff is a small but vibrant farming town, full of families with generations of history in the area. Its inhabitants lead simple, fulfilling lives, full of close knit relationships with their neighbors.


The town is governed by a town council, consisting of volunteers from several of the local families who can prove residency in the town for at least three generations. Only one representative is allowed per family, and any family meeting the residency requirements is permitted a deligate although not all eligible families exercise this right. Attendance at meetings is higher during the cold season and lowest during the harvests.

Guilds and Factions

The Followers of the Hidden Flame have a small commune on site, providing medical assistance to the town as well as rudimentary training in the tradesmen magics.


The Andisol Valley stretches around Hopestaff in all directions, leaving the town's residents with ample views of farmland as far as the eye can see. The Springbass River is clean and clear and a popular destination for the town's youth on hot days, flowing lazily just outside the town.

Natural Resources

As a town in the fertile Andisol Valley, Hopestaff has a ready supply of fertile fields for all its farming needs. They obtain fresh water and seafood from the Springbass River which flows directly past the town.
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