Freeport was once a thriving port city of the Andisol Valley until it was leveled during the quick but savage interplanar Refuse War. Today it is but a shadow of its former glory, home to a small collection of former citizens who refuse to give up on their city.


Current inhabitants of the city are solely former citizens of the city during its glory days who refuse to abandon hope that the city can be rebuilt. Some have repaired their former homes or homes they coveted while others are squatting in buildings which escaped the worst of the damage from The Refuse War. Many of these individuals are waiting for the city to revive itself while others are actively taking steps to make that happen.


The current residents have developed a makeshift government to keep order, mainly run by volunteers who are also participating in the repairs. Those who regularly help sustain the city's population and reconstruction get to vote on priorities for repairs and other city requirements. The proceeds are used to both feed the inhabitants and obtain the materials required to work on the city.   Progress is slow but consistent.


Freeport has little in defense aside from the structural hazards of the collapsed town. Its citizens have already scavenged everything they could salvage, collecting these treasures in the restored smithy for ease of access. A citizen's guard takes turns standing watch to prevent theft. There is nothing else left of value to steal, and so there is little defense required.


The original infrastructure of Freeport was completely destroyed in The Refuse War. The current industriously stubborn citizens of Freeport have rebuilt some of this infrastructure. A small portion of the once bustling port, the main streets through town, a small portion of the famed market, and a Metalsmith's shop are all that remain of Freeport's once thriving businesses.


At its prime Freeport was a bastion of commerce and progressive thinking, perched on the s hi ores of the Blackguard Ocean within the Andisol Valley. The city council had dreams of promoting the city as environmentally sustainable with an eye towards future generations, and hired Grungnat's Garbage Disposal to handle their waste management as the first step in this transformation.   Within the year the city found itself under assault by the plane of Jannada, a one-day Refuse War which wiped the city off the map.   Today only a shadow of its former population remains, slowly rebuilding the city with their own hands in the hope that someday future generations will once again appreciate the glories of Freeport.


Large city
~250 (145,000 during The Refuse War)
Location under

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4 Jan, 2020 12:11

Oh! If a metalsmith's shop is all that exists of the market ... does that mean there are more practitioners of metalmancy here currently than before? If they are trying to rebuild, is there a group of metalmancers working as a fledgling guild?   And what of the black market? An organized thieves' guild needs a living society to survive, is there a thieves' guild ( or similar organized crime ) still operating here AND working to help rebuild?

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