Ashgrove Forest

The Ashgrove Forest is a temperature forest in the southeastern corner of the Andisol Valley, best known as the native woods of the telepathic Zancig. The forest itself has many resources to offer to those willing to risk the attention of the Demon Cats due to its fertile, ashy soil.


The Ashgrove Forest is located in the southeastern corner of the Andisol Valley. Multiple bodies of water can be found in the forest, including the Sloval River. The land itself is fairly flat and covered with temperate trees, bordered by the Fyreflower Hills to the north, Blackguard and Lokiran Oceans to the east and south, and the plains of the Andisol Valley to the west.

Fauna & Flora

Plants grow in abundance in untold varieties, thriving in the rich ashy soil, providing shelter and food for the animals at home within the forest. Common species include the Mottled Bear and Brown Wolf.   The most famous of creatures found within the forest is the Zancig, the feared Demon Cat. Despite its status as critically endangered the mere threat of running into the telepathic cat keeps many travelers far from the Ashgrove Forest, while others band together in hunting parties seeking to eradicate the feline.

Natural Resources

The fertile soils of the Andisol Valley are plentiful in its forest, especially around the Sloval River as it pulls soils from upstream to deposit along its shores. Plant and animal life are also abundant, providing resources such as wood, herbs, rope, food, and leather to those willing to harvest. Water is plentiful from the rivers and lakes as well, also offering resources from the many creatures within its waters.
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)
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