Springbass River

The River of Crystal Waters

Springbass is a thriving river, home to countless varieties of creatures within its crystal clear waters. It meanders from the Fyreflower Hills through the Andisol Valley before sending its waters into the Blackguard Ocean at Avorae.


Springbass River originates in the Fyreflower Hills, meandering its way through the eastern Andisol Valley before flowing into the Blackguard Ocean. The river is particularly calm and clear for most of its trip, allowing an unobstructed view of the daily life of its inhabitants. Towns and cities in various sizes thrive along its shores, most notably the city of Avorae thriving next to the river delta.

Fauna & Flora

Springbass is teeming with life, most of it readily visible courtesy of the crystal waters. Fish of countless varieties call Springbass their home, thriving on the Insects darting above the waters. Turtle and frogs are commonly seen swimming through the water or sunning themselves nearby, while shellfish skitter across the riverbed or bury themselves in its rich sediment.

Natural Resources

Springbass River provides clean, clear water to the towns along its shores, as well as plentiful food in the form of the creatures and plants that call it home.
Alternative Name(s)
Crystal River
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