Sloval River

The Sloval River meanders through the Andisol Valley, carrying the waters of the Sloval Lake to the sea. Its clear waters are used to irrigate a large number of farming communities along its shores, while the many varieties of freshwater fish attract fishermen to the river's edge.


The Sloval River begins at Sloval Lake, meandering across the plains of the Andisol Valley and through the trees of Ashgrove Forest before draining the lakes waters into the Blackguard Ocean.

Fauna & Flora

The life-giving waters of the Sloval support fish, insects, birds, and several species of frog.

Natural Resources

The Sloval River provides fresh water to the settlements, farms, and wildlife along its borders. Many communities along the river's shore have even set up controlled irrigation systems to water their farm fields. The wildlife thriving within and along its shores also provide a ready source of proteins.
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