Fyreflower Hills

The Fyreflower Hills of the Andisol Valley are famed for their fertile, rolling hills and the beautiful blankets and patterns of wild Fyreflower thriving in their unclaimed heights and valleys.


The Fyreflower Hills are a collection of fertile, gently rolling hills sprawling carelessly across the northern Andisol Valley. The earth rises and dips and rises again as far as the eye can see, and the cities and roads in the hills are built to best utilize these natural features.

Fauna & Flora

The hills are best known for their large fields of Fyreflower, growing freely and wildly in random groupings and patterns throughout the hills. Nowhere else does the spicy plant grow with such ease, or in such abundance.

Natural Resources

Like the majority of the Andisol Valley, the Fyreflower Hills are highly fertile and teeming with life. Farming is especially effective and profitable here, and the wild Fyreflower provides a spicy kick with a sweet undertone to the foods of the region.
"Fyreflower in Bloom" by Alexandra Arvidal
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