Andisol Valley

The Andisol Valley's super volcano has resulted in a rich farming community with countless resources. As a result the local settlements have developed as a series of city states with a vast trading network and little to no interest in forming a centralized government.


The Andisol Valley is criss-crossed with various rivers, most notably the Andisol , Sloval, and Springbass Rivers. The region is known for its fertile grasslands and the rolling Fyreflower Hills, with the Ashgrove Forest to the southeast and the Witchwoods to the west.   The Lonely Peaks mark the northwest edge of the Andisol Valley, with the Northern Reach to the north, Blackguard Ocean to the east, Lokiran Ocean south, and the Andisol Sea and the continent of Khalembra to the west.

Natural Resources

The Andisol Valley contains very rich farming soil due to the even-tempered super volcano lurking below the grasslands to the southwest. As a result the Valley is covered in farming communities, growing and exporting foods and resources of both plant and animal varieties. Several of the cities close to the more active parts of the super volcano have learned to harvest the geothermal energy from the hot springs for various purposes as well.
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