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The Turbid Crust

Off the northern coast of the eastern continent, lies the archipelago of the Turbid Crust. Uninhabited by all but small camps of (sauran) warrior-families, the islands are suspended over a collection of maelstroms that prohibit sea travel. Upon the islands, which are buoyed by a lower crust of floatstone, are massive tropical jungles, filled with with rich tropical birds and hardy carnivorous animals. Below the islands are a series of whirlpools that make conventional coastal ocean travel difficult south of Port Lusmos.


14 islands, the smallest as large as a small car. A basin dips the largest island, flowing from it down to ocean beneath during the heavy rains. During the 6th age it was thought that the islands would wear themselves away eventually, but reconstruction efforts during the 7th age helped build them back up, even though they lost their wild nature as they were preserved.
Forest, Jungle (Tropical)
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