Fifi is, by far, one of the most pecuiliar deities in the world. He is a risen god, created by the necessity of a god of exploration and adventure, retelling the tales of his life. He is a field mouse, with no tail, standing upon his hind legs. His tail was turned into a rapier named 'thimble.' It is said that even with his small stature, he is there to protect the lives within homes he is sworn to protect, and is known as the god of bravery and hearth. Those who respect him, know him well via his suit of plate armor he wears at all times, always ready to protect those who need it most. Even those who do not worship him, will leave a small plate of cheese by the hearth every night, for the god to consume and protect the property to the best of his ability.

Divine Domains

Divine Symbols & Sigils

8 pointed star with 6 whiskers.
Divine Classification
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations


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