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Feat statblock for Dungeons and Dragons 5e
ID Name Tags
Spectral Attachment
Mule Kick
Dead Eye
Crippling Shot
Agonizing Shots
Pact of The Trigger
Rune Shaper Background Feature Rune Carver Background Glory of the Giants
Strike of the Giants Feat Must Have Martial Weapons Proficiency or have Giant Foundling Background Glory of the Giants
Strike of the Giants Background Feature Giant Foundling Background Glory of the Giants
Rune Shaper Feat Must Have Spellcasting Feature or have Rune Carver Background Glory of the Giants
Maneuvers: Riposte Feat Fighter Battle Master
Maneuvers: Parry Feat Fighter Battle Master
Maneuvers: Commander's Strike Feat Fighter Battle Master
Combat Superiority Feat Fighter Battle Master
Second Wind Feat FIghter
Action Surge Feat Fighter
Complex Firearms Specialist feat
Firearm Specialist feat
Artificer: Battle Mech erenel subclass artificer
Air Crystal Bearer - Rage Air Crystal Emotion Rage Kazimier
Žsikalt’s Storm prince of storms gift feat
Wings Like Fire patriarch of wildfires gift feat
Ninth Life patron of quiet skies gift feat
Acqidrian Control bringer of tides gift feat
Weapon Master
War Caster
Tavern Brawler
Spell Sniper
Shield Master
Sharpshooter attack ranged
Savage Attacker
Polearm Master
Mounted Combatant
Moderately Armoured
Medium Armour Master
Martial Adept
Magic Initiate
Mage Slayer
Lightly Armoured
Keen Mind
Inspiring Leader
Heavy Armour Master
Heavily Armoured
Great Weapon Master
Elemental Adept
Dungeon Delver
Dual Wielder
Defensive Duelist
Crossbow Expert
Override Limiter Feat Augmentation Override Limiter
Assassinate Feat Rogue Assassin
Fast Hands Feat Rogue Thief
Uncanny Dodge Feat Rogue
Cunning Action Feat Rogue
Thieves’ Cant Feat Rogue
Sneak Attack Feat Rogue
Demon of Luxtrec
Stared into the Abyss
Void Child
Lightly Armoured
Savage Attacker
Magic Initiate
Kinesthetics erenel subclass wizard
the eye of the hero
Goblin Casting
Stunning Strike Feat Bato
Extra Attack Feat Bato Fighter
Slow Fall Feat Bato
Deflect Missiles Feat Bato
Shadow Tracking Feat Bato Predator
Explosive Movement Feat Bato
Step of the Wind Feat Bato
Patient Defense Feat Bato
Flurry of Blows Feat Bato
Bato (Feat) Feat Bato
Martial Arts Feat Bato
Unarmored Defense Feat Bato
Droid-Combatmode Feat Tungsten
Unlucky D&D 5e homebrew feat luck
Shadow Weaver D&D 5e feat homebrew shar darkness shadow
Lupescu.exe impalefaction lupescu.exe
Titan Drinker
Lazy D&D 5e feat homebrew IsntMyMain
Nilbog Trickery D&D 5e feat homebrew goblin sarguro
Martial Adept
Touched by Formus
Deflecting Shroud
Arcane Deflection
Tactical Wit
Power Surge
Durable Magic
Transmutation Savant
Minor Alchemy
Transmuter’s Stone
Master Transmuter
Necromancy Savant
Command Undead
Inured to Undeath
Undead Thralls
Grim Harvest
Improved Minor Illusion
Illusory Reality
Illusion Savant
Illusory Self
Malleable Illusions
Evocation Savant
Empowered Evocation
Potent Cantrip
Sculpt Spells
Enchantment Savant
Alter Memories
Split Enchantment
Instinctive Charm
Hypnotic Gaze
Greater Portent
The Third Eye
Expert Divination
Divination Savant
Benign Transposition
Durable Summons
Focused Conjuration
Minor Conjuration
Conjuration Savant
Spell Resistance
Improved Abjuration
Projected Ward
Arcane Ward
Abjuration Savant
One with the Word
Master Scrivener
Manifest Mind
Wizardly Quill
Awakened Spellbook
Event Horizon
Violent Attraction
Gravity Well
Adjust Density
Convergent Future
Arcane Abeyance
Momentary Stasis
Temporal Awareness
Chronal Shift
Song of Victory
Song of Defense
Extra Attack - Bladesinger
Training in War and Song
Signature Spells
Spell Mastery
Ability Score Improvement
Arcane Tradition
Arcane Recovery
Exotic Weapon Proficiency
Field Medic D&D 5e feat homebrew fighter
Connected background feature
Name Dropping background feature
Shielded Wing Sweep
Shield Master
Bad Reputation background feature
Mercenary Life background feature
Steady background feature
Retainers background feature
Official Inquiry background feature
Discover background feature
Heart of Darkness background feature
Harvest the Water background feature
Supply Chain background feature
Carnival Fixture background feature
Military Rank background feature
Ship's Passage background feature
I'll Patch It! background feature
Down Low background feature
Legalese background feature
Researcher background feature
Safe Haven background feature
Dual Personalities background feature
Library Access background feature
By Popular Demand background feature
Inside Informant background feature
Position of Privilege background feature
Knightly Regard background feature
Never Tell Me the Odds background feature
Feywild Connection background feature
Criminal Contact background feature
Respect of the Stout Folk background feature
Watcher’s Eye background feature
Echoes of Victory background feature
False Identity background feature
Divine Contact background feature
Historical Knowledge background feature
Adept Linguist background feature
Shelter of the Faithful background feature
Necromantic Alchemist
Arcane Spiritualist
Koch Utility Heilung Stufe 1
The Archive
Great Old One
The Dragon
Nightmare Spider
Instant Step Transcendence
Lastenschlepper Utility Kampf Stufe 1
Sand Nomad
Oath of the Judge
Oath of the Hunt
Way of the Four Elements
Combat Medic
Path of the Berserker
College of Reflections
College of Command
College of Fools
Fate: Divine Domain
Hearth: Divine Domain
Madness: Divine Domain
Another Attack Transcendence
Tempered Explosive Failsafe D&D 5e feat homebrew death
Enduring Speed D&D 5e feat homebrew
Sweeping Attack Transcendence
Attack Flurry Transcendence
Fallen Warpgrafter Homebrew Feat Grafting
Deathless Fleshgrafter Homebrew Feat Grafting
Rustic Hospitality background feature
Court Functionary background feature
City Secrets background feature
All Eyes on You background feature
Inheritance background feature
Guild Membership background feature
Wanderer background feature
Ear to the Ground background feature
Aspect of the Dragon Warlock Feature
Going Places Warlock Feature
Produce Dragon Flame Feature Warlock Feature
Spellsong Virtuoso
Spellcraft Master
Incantation Master
High Magic Adept
Epic Spell Adept
Arcane Expert
Explosive Failsafe D&D 5e feat homebrew death
Teleportation Sentinel D&D 5e feat homebrew
Blademaster D&D 5e feat homebrew melee martial sword
Knight of the Rose
Knight of the Sword
Knight of the Crown
Squire of Solamnia
Divinely Favored
Adept of the White Robes
Adept of the Red Robes
Initiate of High Sorcery
Adept of the Black Robes
Death Bane rules
Psychic Shield D&D 5e feat psionic INT homebrew
Component Caster
Arcane Archer (Martial Archetype)
Anti-Magus (Roguish Archetype)
Blade of Murderous Intent table
Path of Obsession
Vermin Beast Shapes table
Vermin (Roguish Archetype)
Wild Magic Origin
Bugbear’s Rest D&D 5e feat homebrew Sarguro
Elegant Blade D&D 5e feat homebrew weapon
Attack of Vulnerability D&D 5e feat homebrew ranged weapon
Surface Dweller D&D 5e feat homebrew
Shapechanger Heritage D&D 5e feat homebrew
Survival Instinct D&D 5e feat homebrew goblin hobgoblin bugbear goblinoid
Idiot Savant D&D 5e feat homebrew
Menagerist D&D 5e feat homebrew pet
Poison Expert D&D 5e feat homebrew poison
Last Dying Breath D&D 5e feat homebrew
Maestro D&D 5e feat homebrew bard
False Face D&D 5e homebrew rogue assassin KibblesTasty
Enhanced Umbral Sight D&D 5e gloom stalker ranger feat homebrew
Against All Odds D&D 5e feat homebrew
Chosen of Eilistraee D&D 5e feat homebrew drow
At Home in the Underdark D&D 5e feat druid land underdark homebrew
Twice the Pride, Double the Fall Eldritch Invocations
Lucky Rabbit's Foot D&D 5e feat homebrew harengon Stuffies_12
Hopping Kick D&D 5e feat homebrew harengon Stuffies_12
Greater power Divinity spell casting
Parallel Thought Transcendence spell casting concentration
Superior Language Learning
Equilibrado Dotes
Bastion erenel subclass fighter
FLF template dm
Chimebearer erenel subclass wizard
Mechanical Expert D&D 5e feat warforged homebrew Kingslayer059
Construct Expertise D&D 5e feat artificer homebrew MrLunaMx
Upgrade D&D 5e feat homebrew Sarguro
Pact of the Bullet Warlock pact boon
Orog Training Initiate D&D 5e feat homebrew
Epic Boon of Truesight priest group 20th level
Epic Boon of Spell Recall
Epic Boon of Fate
Skill Jockey feats skills homebrew
Mastery of the Dark Soul II
Zermalmer Talente TCE Deutsch PsychoWedge
Von Feen berührt Talente TCE Deutsch PsychoWedge
Vom Schatten berührt Talente TCE Deutsch PsychoWedge
Telepath Talente TCE Deutsch PsychoWedge
Telekinetiker Talente TCE Deutsch PsychoWedge
Schütze Talente TCE Deutsch PsychoWedge
Schauerlicher Adept Talente TCE Deutsch PsychoWedge
Metamagie-Adept Talente TCE Deutsch PsychoWedge
Messerstecher Talente TCE Deutsch PsychoWedge
Koch Talente TCE Deutsch PsychoWedge
Kämpferlehrling Talente TCE Deutsch PsychoWedge
Hauer Talente TCE Deutsch PsychoWedge
Giftmischer Talente TCE Deutsch PsychoWedge
Fertigkeitsexperte Talente TCE Deutsch PsychoWedge
Artifizientenlehrling Talente TCE Deutsch PsychoWedge
Ki Cooking
Speech of the Ancient Beasts humblewood feat Speech ancient beasts
Strixhaven Initiate strixhaven feat
Part of the Pack tome-of-heroes feat
Harrier tome-of-heroes feat
Forest Denizen tome-of-heroes feat
Diehard tome-of-heroes
Perceptively Observant feat observant
Fiendish Pact
Tattoo of Sins
Acrobat acrobat
Seasoned Insomniac feat
Elemental Prowess
Fey Touched
Awareness feat
Lycanthropy Supernatural Non-Feat Curse
Blessing of Eilistraee D&D 5e feat drow eilistraee homebrew
Verdant Talisman D&D 5e feat druid
Strong Vessel Transcendence
Blessing of The Gloaming Son
Petty feat favorite
Unsettling Presence D&D 5e official hollow one
Apothecary D&D 5e feat homebrew
Cleave D&D 5e feat homebrew
Sling Expert
Archery Expert Homebrew
Valzer del Gigante
Dono della Stella Verde
Follow My Lead D&D 5e feat homebrew
Aberrant Curse-Mark
Spellblade Spellblade Homebrew Feat
Susinct Like The Trinket Pact of the Bullet
Smoke Grenade Pact of the Bullet
More Ammo Pact of the Bullet
Bayonets Pact of the Bullet
Then I Started Blasting Pact of the Bullet
Flipping the Scales Pact of the Bullet
Gripping the Scales Pact of the Bullet
Tipping the Scales Pact of the Bullet
Field Commander
Ghostly Visage Boon Stealth Ghost Quest
Covenant of the Blood Beast
Covenant of the Executioners
Zealot's Poise Zealots Poise Homebrew Feat
Whirling Dervish Whirling Dervish Homebrew Feat
Bulwark Bulwark Homebrew Feat
Covenant of the Cainhurst Vilebloods
School of the Cat
School of Blood
School of Onomancy
Order of the Scribes
School of Graviturgy
School of Chronurgy
School of War Magic
School of Bladesinging
School of Transmutation
School of Necromancy
School of Illusion
School of Evocation
School of Enchantment
School of Divination
School of Conjuration
School of Abjuration
Way of the Water Elementalist
Way of the Tranquility
Way of the Ki Blocker
Way of the Inner Light
Way of the Fire Elementalist
Way of the Earth Elementalist
Way of the Bladeless Sword
Way of the Avoidance
Way of the Air Elementalist
Way of the Abundant Step
Way of the Living Weapon
Way of the Soul Knife
Way of the Sun Soul
Way of the Shadow
Way of the Open Hand
Way of the Mercy
Way of the Long Death
Way of the Kensei
Four Elements Disciplines
Way of the Four Elements
Way of the Drunken Master
Way of the Astral Self
Way of the Ascendant Dragon
Specialty of the Forge Adept
Specialty of the Bonesmith
Steel Defender Upgrades
Specialty of the Battle Smith
Specialty of the Augmented
Specialty of the Artillerist
Specialty of the Armorer
Specialty of the Animator
Specialty of the Alchemist
Reputation of the Dread Pirate
Reputation of the Cunning Pirate
Path of the Giant
Path of the Zealot
Path of the Totem Warrior
Path of the Storm Herald
Path of the Stone Warden
Path of the Lightning Rager
Path of the Juggernaut
Path of the Heartstoker
Path of the Gravedigger
Path of the Graceful Rage
Path of the Elemental Fury
Path of the Drake Blood
Path of the Depths
Path of the Crusader
Path of the Crash
Waffenmeister Utility Stufe 1
Kampferprobter Zauberwirker Zauber Kampf Utility Stufe 4
Zielgenauer Zauberschütze Zauber Kampf Utility Stufe 4
Leichtfüßig Kampf Utility Stufe 4
Schleicher Kampf Utility Stufe 4
Scharfschütze Kampf Utility Stufe 4
Wächter Kampf Utility Stufe 4
Ritualwirker Zauber Utility Stufe 4
Belastbar Utility Stufe 4
Stangenwaffenmeister Kampf Stufe 4
Aufmerksam Utility Stufe 4
Berittener Kämpfer Kampf Stufe 4
Mittelschwer gerüstet Kampf Utility Stufe 1
Meister der mittelschweren Rüstung Kampf Utility Stufe 4
Magiertöter Kampf Stufe 4
Leicht gerüstet Kampf Utility Stufe 1
Scharfer Verstand Utility Stufe 4
Inspirierender Anführer Utility Stufe 4
Meister der schweren Rüstung Kampf Utility Stufe 4
Schwer gepanzert Kampf Utility Stufe 4
Meisterschaft schwerer Waffen Kampf Stufe 4
Ringer Kampf Stufe 4
Elementarer Adept Kampf Stufe 4
Wiederstandsfähig Kampf Utility Stufe 4
Path of the Colossus Weapon
Path of the Broken Chains
Path of the Brawler
Path of the Berserker
Path of the Beast
Path of the Battlerager
Path of the Ancestral Guardian
Pact of the Undying
Pact of the Undead
Pact of the Seeker
Pact of the Raven Queen
Pact of the Kraken
Pact of the Hexblade
Pact of the Great Old One
Pact of the Genie
Pact of the Fiend
Pact of the Fathomless
Pact of the Elemental
Pact of the Earthmother
Pact of the Dragon
Pact of the Celestial
Pact of the Beholder
Pact of the Beast King
Pact of the Asgardian
Pact of the Archmage
Pact of the Archfey
Pact of the Archangel
Pact of the All-Knowing
Pact of the Aboleth
Zwei-Waffen-Kämpfer Kampf Stufe 4
Defensiver Duellant Kampf Stufe 4
Order of the Profane Soul
Armbrustexperte Kampf Stufe 4
Origin of the Mancy
Stürmer Kampf Stufe 4
Athlet Utility Stufe 4
Origin of the Storm Soul
Origin of the Shadow
Origin of the Sea Blood
Origin of the Runechild
Origin of the Lunar Magic
Origin of the Great Old One Bloodline
Origin of the Giant Soul
Origin of the Fey-Touched
Origin of the Draconic Bloodline
Origin of the Divine Soul
Origin of the Clockwork Soul
Origin of the Beholder Bloodline
Origin of the Astral Warden
Origin of the Aberrant Mind
Schauspieler Utility Stufe 4
Zäh Utility Verteidigung Stufe 1
Kneipenschläger Kampf Stufe 1
Begabt Utility Fertigkeiten Stufe 1
Wilder Angreifer Kampf Stufe 1
Musiker Instrument Handwerk Utility Stufe 1
Eingeweihter der Magie Zauber Stufe 1
Heiler Utility Heilung Stufe 1
Handwerker Handwerk Stufe 1
Wachsam Utility Kampf Stufe 1
Order of the Troll
Order of the Siren
Blood Hunter Mutagens
Order of the Mutant
Order of the Mimic
Order of the Medusa
Order of the Lycan
Order of the Ghostslayer
Order of the Freelancer
Order of the Curse Eater
Order of the Culler
Order of the Cloaker
Order of the Bloodletter
Order of the Aberrant
Oath of Watchers
Oath of Vigilance
Oath of Vengeance
Oath of Time
Oath of Sacrifice
Oath of Redemption
Oath of Open Sea
Oath of Judgement
Oath of Heroism
Oath of Guardian
Oath of Glory
Oath of Devotion
Oath of Death
Oath of Crown
Oath of Courage
Oath of Conquest
Oath of Beast
Oath of Ancients
Oath of Aid
Mastery of the Spear Master
Mastery of the Sharpshooter
Mastery of the Samurai
Mastery of the Rune Knights
Mastery of the Psi Warrior
Mastery of the Myriad Knight
Trick Shots
Mastery of the Gunslinger
Lone Survivor Feat
Personal Hoard Racial Feat Dragonborn
Speak of the Devil Racial Feat Tiefling Devil
Mastery of the Eldritch Knight
Mastery of the Echo Knight
Mastery of the Duelist
Mastery of the Chrono Knight
Mastery of the Champion
Mastery of the Cavalier
Mastery of the Brute
Mastery of the Blood Knight
Battle Master Maneuvers
Mastery of the Battle Master
Mastery of the Banneret
Arcane Shots
Mastery of the Arcane Archer
Mastery of the Anti-Magic Warrior
Mastery of the Ancestral Weapon Master
Domain of Zeal
Domain of Wealth
Domain of War
Domain of Unity
Domain of Twilight
Domain of Trickery
Domain of Travel
Domain of Time
Domain of Tempest
Deactivate Pain Inhibitors
Domain of Sun
Domain of Strength
Domain of Rage
Domain of Protection
Domain of Peace
Domain of Order
Domain of Ocean
Domain of Nature
Domain of Moon
Domain of Mind
Domain of Luck
Domain of Lighting
Domain of Light
Domain of Life
Domain of Law
Domain of Knowledge
Domain of Justice
Domain of Hunt
Domain of Healing
Domain of Grave
Domain of Giant
Domain of Forge
Domain of Fire
Domain of Fate
Domain of Elemental
Domain of Earth
Domain of Dream
Domain of Dragon
Domain of Disease
Domain of Death
Domain of Darkness
Domain of Creation
Domain of Corruption
Domain of Corrosion
Domain of Community
Domain of Cold
Domain of Clockwork
Domain of Chaos
Domain of Chance
Traveling Innkeeper Feat
Domain of Blood
Domain of Battle
Domain of Balance
Domain of Astral
Domain of Arcana
Domain of Ancestors
Domain of Ambition
Domain of Air
Domain of Aegis
Guild of the Wild Card
Guild of the Thief
Guild of the Swashbuckler
Guild of the Soulknife
Guild of the Scout
Guild of the Phantom
Guild of the Mastermind
Guild of the Inquisitive
Guild of the Ghost
Guild of the Assassin
Guild of the Arcane Trickster
Guild of the Abductor
Circle of the Forged
Acts of Faith
Infernal Legacy Racial Feat Tiefling
Quick Learner Racial Feat Human
Human Ingenuity Racial Feat Human
Extra Feat Racial Feat Human
Stout Resilience Racial Feat Halfling Stout
Naturally Swifty Racial Feat Halfling Lightfoot
Child of the Mound Racial Feat Halfling Grove
Halfling Nimbleness Racial Feat Halfling
Brave Racial Feat Halfling
Lucky Racial Feat Halfling
Intimidating Presence Racial Feat Goliath
Stone's Endurance Racial Feat Goliath
Tiny Giant Racial Feat Goliath
Nimble Escape Racial Feat Goblin
Fury of the Small Racial Feat Goblin
Tinker Racial Feat Gnome Rock
Artificer's Lore Racial Feat Gnome Rock
Speak with Small Beasts Racial Feat Gnome Forest
Natural Illusionist Racial Feat Gnome Forest
Tunnelsense Racial Feat Gnome Deep
Gnomish Talent Racial Feat Gnome
Gnome Cunning Racial Feat Gnome
Githzerai Psionics Racial Feat Gith Githzerai
Githzerai Training Racial Feat Gith Githzerai
Githyanki Psionics Racial Feat Gith Githyanki
Githyanki Training Racial Feat Gith
Mental Discipline Racial Feat Gith
Amphibious Racial Feat Genasi Water
Call to the Wave Racial Feat Genasi Water
Inner Embers Racial Feat Genasi Fire
Reach to the Blaze Racial Feat Genasi Fire
Merge with Stone Racial Feat Genasi Earth
Earth Walker Racial Feat Genasi Earth
Mingle with the Wind Racial Feat Genasi Air
Unending Breath Racial Feat Genasi Air
Speech of Beast and Leaf Racial Feat Firbolg
Powerful Build Racial Feat Firbolg
Hidden Step Racial Feat Firbolg
Firbolg Magic Racial Feat Firbolg
Recieve What You Give Eldritch Blast Invocation
But is it Truly Benevolent Eldritch Blast Invocation
Magic Dependency Racial Feat Elf Senses
Stonecunning Racial Feat Dwarf
Earth's Touch
Dwarven Training Racial Feat Dwarf
Dwarven Resilience Racial Feat Dwarf
Drow Weapon Training Racial Feat Drow
True Persona Racial Feat Changeling
Sunlight Sensitivity Racial Feat Drow
Drow Magic Racial Feat Drow
Trance Racial Feat Senses
Fey Ancestry Racial Feat Fey
Keen Senses Racial Feat Drow Elf Senses
Superior Darkvision Senses
Shapechanger Racial Feat Changeling
Changeling Instincts Racial Feat Changeling
Darkvision Senses
Healing Hands Racial Feat Aasimar
Breath Weapon Racial Feat Dragonborn
Draconic Ancestry Racial Feat Dragonborn
Synthsuit Skin Autognome Warforged
Broken Legion Militant Training
Rejuvenator Feat Homebrew Rejuvenator
Shellcracker Feat Homebrew Shellcracker
Spellbreaker Feat Homebrew Spellbreaker
Reinforce Feat Homebrew Reinforce
Breath of Blaze and Blizzard
Conclave of the Swarmkeeper
Conclave of the Primeval Guardian
Conclave of the Monster Slayer
Conclave of the Hunter
Conclave of the Horizon Walker
Null Magic Mantle