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True Persona

Changeling that has gone through their Changing

A changeling's true persona is a form of character that is considered as the Changeling's most personal and most sencere appearance. It is the form to which a changeling reverts to in case of unconsciouses or death. A form to be considered as a changeling's true persona, it needs to be worn consistantly for at least 3 years. While the changeling can change into a different form, they must not exceed a consecutive moth with those forms while working on a new true persona.   When a true persona is considered completely adopted, the changeling's body will adopt it fully, earasing any signs of his old self. While they can go back and shift to the old one, the process needs to be gone through again for them to fully adopt it.   While in their true persona, the changeling's stats revert back to their original stats.

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