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Item Stat block for Dungeons and Dragons 5e
ID Name Tags
Well Made Chain Shirt Armor Armor rare-magicitem
Leather Armor
+1 Rapier +1 Rapier 5e
[h2][b]Pact Weapon[/b][/h2] Pact Weapon
[h2][b]Dagger[/b][/h2] Dagger
[h2][b]Maul[/b][/h2] Maul
[h2][b]Superior Metal Blunt Head[/b][/h2] Superior Metal Blunt Head
[h2][b]Superior Metal Blade[/b][/h2] Superior Metal Blade
[h2][b]Superior Rivets[/b][/h2] Superior Rivets
[h2][b]Reinforced Metal Blunt Head[/b][/h2] Reinforced Metal Blunt Head
[h2][b]Reinforced Metal Blade[/b][/h2] Reinforced Metal Blade
[h2][b]Grenade Casing[/b][/h2] Grenade Casing
[h2][b]Reinforced Rivets[/b][/h2] Reinforced Rivets
[h2][b]Bronze Mace Head[/b][/h2] Bronze Mace Head
[h2][b]Bronze Blade[/b][/h2] Bronze Blade
[h2][b]Chain[/b][/h2] Chain
[h2][b]Rivets[/b][/h2] Rivets
[h2][b]Bone Dust[/b][/h2] Bone Dust
[h2][b]Claws[/b][/h2] Claws
[h2][b]Horns[/b][/h2] Horns
[h2][b]Skull[/b][/h2] Skull
[h2][b]Ivory[/b][/h2] Ivory
[h2][b]Cured Sinew[/b][/h2] Cured Sinew
[h2][b]Flax Thread[/b][/h2] Flax Thread
[h2][b]Buckles[/b][/h2] Buckles
[h2][b]Shield Straps[/b][/h2] Shield Straps
[h2][b]Leather Straps[/b][/h2] Leather Straps
[h2][b]Metal Plating[/b][/h2] Metal Plating
[h2][b]Hardened Leather[/b][/h2] Hardened Leather
[h2][b]Chain Coat[/b][/h2] Chain Coat
[h2][b]Heavy Padded Lining[/b][/h2] Heavy Padded Lining
[h2][b]Padded Lining[/b][/h2] Padded Lining
[h2][b]Quarter Staff[/b][/h2] Quarter Staff
[h2][b]Mace[/b][/h2] Mace
[h2][b]Club[/b][/h2] Club
[h2][b]Shield[/b][/h2] Shield
[h2][b]Full Plate[/b][/h2] Full Plate
[h2][b]Splint Mail[/b][/h2] Splint Mail
[h2][b]Hauberk[/b][/h2] Hauberk
[h2][b]Scale Armor[/b][/h2] Scale Armor
[h2][b]Half-Plate[/b][/h2] Half-Plate
[h2][b]Cuirass[/b][/h2] Cuirass
[h2][b]Brigandine[/b][/h2] Brigandine
[h2][b]Breastplate[/b][/h2] Breastplate
[h2][b]Haubergeon[/b][/h2] Haubergeon
[h2][b]Hide[/b][/h2] Hide
[h2][b]Jackchains[/b][/h2] Jackchains
[h2][b]Gambeson[/b][/h2] Gambeson
[h2][b]Studded Leather Armor[/b][/h2] Studded Leather Armor
[h2][b]Cured Leather Armor[/b][/h2] Cured Leather Armor
[h2][b]Leather Armor[/b][/h2] Leather Armor
[h2][b]Cured Reptile Hide[/b][/h2] Cured Reptile Hide
[h2][b]Oil[/b][/h2] Oil
[h2][b]Decorative Fur[/b][/h2] Decorative Fur
[h2][b]Tallow[/b][/h2] Tallow
[h2][b]Cured Thick Leather[/b][/h2] Cured Thick Leather
[h2][b]Cured Leather[/b][/h2] Cured Leather
[h2][b]Honey[/b][/h2] Honey
[h2][b]Fish[/b][/h2] Fish
[h2][b]Feathers[/b][/h2] Feathers
[h2][b]Reptile Hide[/b][/h2] Reptile Hide
[h2][b]Scales[/b][/h2] Scales
[h2][b]Thick Fur[/b][/h2] Thick Fur
[h2][b]Fur[/b][/h2] Fur
[h2][b]Pelt[/b][/h2] Pelt
[h2][b]Thick Pelt[/b][/h2] Thick Pelt
[h2][b]Blood[/b][/h2] Blood
[h2][b]Sinew[/b][/h2] Sinew
[h2][b]Bones[/b][/h2] Bones
[h2][b]Liver[/b][/h2] Liver
[h2][b]Animal Fat[/b][/h2] Animal Fat
[h2][b]Tough Meat[/b][/h2] Tough Meat
[h2][b]Meat[/b][/h2] Meat
[h2][b]Zalantar Planks[/b][/h2] Zalantar Planks
[h2][b]Ironwood Planks[/b][/h2] Ironwood Planks
[h2][b]Yew Planks[/b][/h2] Yew Planks
[h2][b]Hazel Planks[/b][/h2] Hazel Planks
[h2][b]Ash Planks[/b][/h2] Ash Planks
[h2][b]Chestnut Planks[/b][/h2] Chestnut Planks
[h2][b]Willow Planks[/b][/h2] Willow Planks
[h2][b]Shadowtop Planks[/b][/h2] Shadowtop Planks
[h2][b]Oak Planks[/b][/h2] Oak Planks
[h2][b]Maple Planks[/b][/h2] Maple Planks
[h2][b]Elm Planks[/b][/h2] Elm Planks
[h2][b]Alder Planks[/b][/h2] Alder Planks
[h2][b]Fir Planks[/b][/h2] Fir Planks
[h2][b]Beech Planks[/b][/h2] Beech Planks
[h2][b]Zalantar[/b][/h2] Zalantar
[h2][b]Ironwood[/b][/h2] Ironwood
[h2][b]Hazel[/b][/h2] Hazel
[h2][b]Ash[/b][/h2] Ash
[h2][b]Chestnut[/b][/h2] Chestnut
[h2][b]Willow[/b][/h2] Willow
[h2][b]Shadowtop[/b][/h2] Shadowtop
[h2][b]Oak[/b][/h2] Oak
[h2][b]Maple[/b][/h2] Maple
[h2][b]Elm[/b][/h2] Elm
[h2][b]Alder[/b][/h2] Alder
[h2][b]Fir[/b][/h2] Fir
[h2][b]Beech[/b][/h2] Beech
[h2][b]Flax[/b][/h2] Flax
[h2][b]Seasonal Veggies[/b][/h2] Seasonal Veggies
[h2][b]Coffee Beans[/b][/h2] Coffee Beans
[h2][b]Seasonal Fruits[/b][/h2] Seasonal Fruits
[h2][b]Black Lotus[/b][/h2] Black Lotus
[h2][b]Pargen Vine[/b][/h2] Pargen Vine
[h2][b]Tensers Thorn[/b][/h2] Tensers Thorn
[h2][b]Silverstem[/b][/h2] Silverstem
[h2][b]Ironhand Leaf[/b][/h2] Ironhand Leaf
[h2][b]Nightmare Root[/b][/h2] Nightmare Root
[h2][b]Lamurma Bell[/b][/h2] Lamurma Bell
[h2][b]Mothers Tulip[/b][/h2] Mothers Tulip
[h2][b]Spriteball Bulbs[/b][/h2] Spriteball Bulbs
[h2][b]Ghost Blossom[/b][/h2] Ghost Blossom
[h2][b]Olus Veritis[/b][/h2] Olus Veritis
[h2][b]Kirins Fang[/b][/h2] Kirins Fang
[h2][b]Viping Vitalis[/b][/h2] Viping Vitalis
[h2][b]Ecire Laurel[/b][/h2] Ecire Laurel
[h2][b]Gnolls Weed[/b][/h2] Gnolls Weed
[h2][b]Frenn Moss[/b][/h2] Frenn Moss
[h2][b]Blood Tree Bark[/b][/h2] Blood Tree Bark
[h2][b]Dragontongue Petals[/b][/h2] Dragontongue Petals
[h2][b]Vein Lily[/b][/h2] Vein Lily
[h2][b]Ash Chives[/b][/h2] Ash Chives
[h2][b]Black Ivy Leaves[/b][/h2] Black Ivy Leaves
[h2][b]Blood Herb[/b][/h2] Blood Herb
[h2][b]Wuggy Moss[/b][/h2] Wuggy Moss
[h2][b]Aniseed [/b][/h2] Aniseed
[h2][b]Ebrium Fungus[/b][/h2] Ebrium Fungus
[h2][b]Olina Petals[/b][/h2] Olina Petals
[h2][b]Nug Fungus[/b][/h2] Nug Fungus
[h2][b]Ephedra[/b][/h2] Ephedra
[h2][b]Ellond Shrub[/b][/h2] Ellond Shrub
[h2][b]Blackleaf Rose[/b][/h2] Blackleaf Rose
[h2][b]Kasuni Juice[/b][/h2] Kasuni Juice
[h2][b]Night Maize[/b][/h2] Night Maize
[h2][b]Abyss Flower[/b][/h2] Abyss Flower
[h2][b]Mandrake Root[/b][/h2] Drojos Ivy
[h2][b]Twilight Wormwood[/b][/h2] Twilight Wormwood
[h2][b]Angel Bloom[/b][/h2] Drojos Ivy
[h2][b]Taggit Blossom[/b][/h2] Drojos Ivy
[h2][b]White Poppy[/b][/h2] White Poppy
[h2][b]Ucre Bramble[/b][/h2] Ucre Bramble
[h2][b]Drojos Ivy[/b][/h2] Drojos Ivy
[h2][b]Blue Herb[/b][/h2] Blue Herb
[h2][b]Bone Broth[/b][/h2] Bone Broth
[h2][b]Fish Filet[/b][/h2] Fish Filet
[h2][b]Mandrake Root Flour[/b][/h2] Mandrake Root Flour
[h2][b]Ground Coffee[/b][/h2] Ground Coffee
[h2][b]Boiled Kasuni Juice[/b][/h2] Boiled Kasuni Juice
[h2][b]White Fish Sandwiches[/b][/h2] White Fish Sandwiches
[h2][b]Vegetable Ishtu[/b][/h2] Vegetable Ishtu
[h2][b]Turkey with Stuffing and Gravy[/b][/h2] Turkey with Stuffing and Gravy
[h2][b]Tandoori Chicken[/b][/h2] Tandoori Chicken
[h2][b]Roasted Rabbit and Seasoned Vegetables[/b][/h2] Roasted Rabbit and Seasoned Vegetables
[h2][b]Lamb Skewers[/b][/h2] Lamb Skewers
[h2][b]Herb Roasted Potatoes[/b][/h2] Herb Roasted Potatoes
[h2][b]Grilled Poultry with Basmati Rice[/b][/h2] Grilled Poultry with Basmati Rice
[h2][b]Dragon's Brew Meade[/b][/h2] Dragons Brew Meade
[h2][b]Deep Fried Fish'n'Potatoes[/b][/h2] Deep Fried Fish and Potatoes
[h2][b]Cup of Coffee[/b][/h2] Cup of Coffee
[h2][b]Chicken Curry[/b][/h2] Chicken Curry
[h2][b]Bloodberry Wine[/b][/h2] Bloodberry Wine
[h2][b]Black Bread[/b][/h2] Black Bread
[h2][b]Apple Pie[/b][/h2] Apple Pie
[h2][b]Superior Sturdy Haft[/b][/h2] Superior Sturdy Haft
[h2][b]Superior Long Haft[/b][/h2] Superior Long Haft
[h2][b]Superior Short Haft[/b][/h2] Superior Short Haft
[h2][b]Reinforced Sturdy Haft[/b][/h2] Reinforced Sturdy Haft
[h2][b]Reinforced Long Haft[/b][/h2] Reinforced Long Haft
[h2][b]Reinforced Short Haft[/b][/h2] Reinforced Short Haft
[h2][b]Sturdy Haft[/b][/h2] Sturdy Haft
[h2][b]Long Haft[/b][/h2] Long Haft
[h2][b]Short Haft[/b][/h2] Short Haft
[h2][b]Shield Frame[/b][/h2] Shield Frame
[h2][b]Wooden Fascia[/b][/h2] Wooden Fascia
[h2][b]Hand Crossbow[/b][/h2] Hand Crossbow
[h2][b]Crossbow[/b][/h2] Crossbow
[h2][b]Longbow[/b][/h2] Longbow
[h2][b]Greatbow[/b][/h2] Greatbow
[h2][b]Shortbow[/b][/h2] Shortbow
[h2][b]Unstable Substance[/b][/h2] Unstable Substance
[h2][b]Fuse[/b][/h2] Fuse
[h2][b]Concussion Grenade[/b][/h2] Concussion Grenade
[h2][b]Poison[/b][/h2] Poison
[h2][b]Flash Bomb[/b][/h2] Flash Bomb
[h2][b]Silver Bomb[/b][/h2] Silver Bomb
[h2][b]Potion of Greater Wisdom[/b][/h2] Potion of Greater Wisdom
[h2][b]Potion of Greater Dexterity[/b][/h2] Potion of Greater Dexterity
[h2][b]Potion of Greater Intelligence[/b][/h2] Potion of Greater Intelligence
[h2][b]Potion of Greater Strength[/b][/h2] Potion of Greater Strength
[h2][b]Potion of Greater Constitution[/b][/h2] Potion of Greater Constitution
[h2][b]Potion of Greater Healing[/b][/h2] Potion of Greater Healing
[h2][b]Fire Grenade[/b][/h2] Fire Grenade
[h2][b]Acid Vial[/b][/h2] Acid Vial
[h2][b]Grease Vial[/b][/h2] Grease Vial
[h2][b]Antidote[/b][/h2] Antidote
[h2][b]Stimulant[/b][/h2] Stimulant
[h2][b]Potion of Wisdom[/b][/h2] Potion of Wisdom
[h2][b]Potion of Dexterity[/b][/h2] Potion of Dexterity
[h2][b]Potion of Darkvision[/b][/h2] Potion of Darkvision
[h2][b]Potion of Intelligence[/b][/h2] Potion of Intelligence
[h2][b]Potion of Strength[/b][/h2] Potion of Strength
[h2][b]Potion of Constitution[/b][/h2] Potion of Constitution
[h2][b]Potion of Healing[/b][/h2] Potion of Healing
Damaged Katana of Ren Sami Ren Weapon
Adamantine Half Plate Armor Adamantine Half Plate Medium
Ring of Telekinesis
Smoke Bombs Ranged Weapons Tiny
Cellular Rejuvenators - Proteon
Motorchip - Hexie
Medicomp - Nightengale Plus
Soap Adventuring Gear
Whetstone Adventuring Gear
Jug container
Small Knife Adventuring Gear
Sack container
Pan Flute
Flask container
Clothes, Cold Weather Social Outerwear
Ezra's Keepsake
Charlatan's Dice
Gloves of The Phantom
Earring of Telepathic Bonds
Ring of Spell Storing
Earring of Eavesdropping
Belt of Returning
The Phantom's Gift
Staff of the Conductor
Arcanist's Circlet
Ring of Extreme Luck
Nine Lives Stealer Longsword Weapon Melee Weapon Martial Melee Magic Attunement Very Rare DMG Major Tier
+2 Half Plate Armor Armor Medium Armor Magic Very Rare DMG Major Tier
Writ of Passage Writ of Passage
Ring of Animal Influence DMG ring speak with animals
Healer's Kit adventuring gear common item healing bandage salve splint
Medicine Kit of Placebo adventuring gear uncommon item healing
Bag of Holding magical item wondrous item uncommon item
Driftglobe magical item wondorous item item DMG light
Grey Bag Of Tricks magical item bag of tricks
Tan Bag of Tricks magical item bag of tricks
Black Bag of Tricks magical item bag of tricks
Bag of Tricks magical item wondorous item item bag of tricks
Driftglobe DMG
Whistle of Familiar Calling
Whistle of Familiar Calling
Sword of Stakes, +1 weapon shortsword enchanted
Screaming Sword Magical Longsword uncommon
Sophia Gun Shotgun Longarms
Elminster's Great Protection: Prototype Alpha
Ryder's Wrist Launcher
Soul Shackle
Boots of Screaming Torment
Mantle of the Dark Lady
Bond of the Tenebrous Prince Dragon Shadow Step Ring
Dagger of Warning Damage Detection Combat
Heavy Flail
Miner's Pick TOOLS
Naginata weapon
+3 Weapon weapon
+1 Weapon weapon
+2 Weapon weapon
+1 Shield shield
Bladed Whip homebrew weapon dagger chain
Katana Weapons Versatile
Battleaxe weapon
Wand of Centipede
Ring of Warmth item ring ring of warmth
Damir's Oath armor item
Sun Blade
Heavy Leather Coat leather Armor
Dagger of Returning (Infused)
Evergleam Warbow Magical Item Weapon
Machina Earrings Uncommon Wondrous Item Utility Earring of Whispers adema
Adamantite Armbow of the Silver Dragon Magical Item Weapon
Inazuma, The Skysplitter Magical Item Weapon
Edge of Elune Magical Item Weapon
Jamaros' Gunblade Magical Item Weapon
+2 Longsword Talonz Magic Items Weapons
Phoenix Rapier Magical Item Weapon
Case, Map or Scroll adventuring gear
Bell adventuring gear
A Bit of Fleece component
Stones of Ill Luck
Nixrhil's Pruner Magic Items Weapons
Armadura de archivista v.I armor medium armor
Dungeoneer's Pack
Scroll of Bless Scroll of Bless
Chime of Opening
Obsidian Shard - Spark of Life
Kenku Punching Dagger Weapon Dagger Simple Melee
Shadowbringer Magical Item Weapon
Raven Feather Cloak Magical Item Accessories
Armor of Fenris Magical Item Armor
Necrotic Boneplate Magical Item Armor
Shadow Reaver Magical Item Weapon
Greatsword of the Silver Chalice Magical Item Weapon
Collar of Shape Changing Talonz Magic Items Collar
The 6 Flames
Beastial Stone magic item
Elemental Gem
Monster Hunter's Pack monster monster hunter pack hunter kit
Chakram Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Blowgun Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Boomerang Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Bolas Sally Six-Strings Weapons
War Fan Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Wakizashi Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Two-Handed Flail Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Tonfa Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Nodachi Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Nunchaku Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Monk's Spade Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Kusarigama Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Katar Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Katana Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Kama Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Jitte Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Fullblade Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Falchion Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Claw Bracer Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Scythe Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Push Dagger Sally Six-Strings Weapons
Ring of Body and Mind Talonz Magic Items Rings
Glaive of Minute Seeing Talonz Magic Items Weapons
Pistol with Laser Sight Talonz Magic Items Weapons
Raiper of Doeful Kindling Talonz Magic Items Weapons
Ring of Sinew and Steel Talonz Magic Items Rings
Ring of Fire and Ice Talonz Magic Items Rings
Ring of Body and Mind Talonz Magic Items Rings
Necklace of Adaptation
Iron Bands of Binding
Goggles of Night
Gloves of Missile Snaring
Mini Folding Boat
Ring of Feast and Famine Talonz Magic Items Rings
Elemental Gem (Yellow Diamond)
Gloves of the Acolyte magic item magic armor gloves
Malevolence supreme
Blade Of Justice
Azure Spear
Writ of Free Agency Signed by the Lord Regent Writ of Free Agency Signed by the Lord Regent
Tears of Virulence Emblem Tears of Virulence Emblem
Common Clothes Common Clothes
Disguise Kit Disguise Kit
Piton Piton
Hammer Hammer
Block of Incense priests pack paladin cleric block of incense
Thieve's Tools Thieve&039;s Tools
Potion of Healing Healing Consumable
Crowbar Crowbar
Scale Mail Scale Mail
Crossbow Bolts (20) Crossbow Bolts (20)
Light Crossbow Light Crossbow
Dagger Dagger
Hempen Rope (50 ft.) Hempen Rope
Waterskin Waterskin
Ration Ration
Torch Torch
Autumn of False Kings
The Ebony Reaver
The Crimson Fury
Dualies Splatoon Au
Splat Charger Splatoon Au
Splat Roller Splatoon Au
Splat Brella Splatoon Au
Splatling Splatoon Au
Navigator's Tools Navigator&039;s tools tools
Splattershot Splatoon Au
Tinderbox Tinderbox
Mess Kit Mess Kit
Bedroll Bedroll
Tamer's Tools [ATMC] monstertamer
Forgery kit
Scroll of Pedigree Scroll of Pedigree
Signet Ring Signet Ring
Fine Clothes Fine Clothes
Dice Set Dice Set
Holy Symbol Holy Symbol
Chain Mail Chain Mail
Shield Shield
Javelin Javelin
Backpack Backpack
Morningstar Morningstar
Titan Slayer Greatsword magic item sword thunder lord titan titan slayer 3d6 legendary weapon
Book of infinite spells
Cloak of Levitation
Magical Industrial-Grade Fan
Figurine of Wonderous Power: Owl
Bucket of Slow
Ring of Regeneration
Wand of Misty Step
Robes of Enhancement
Glasses of Identification tool item charges
Guild dagger
Zephyr longsword artifact
Plate Armor +2
Plate Armor +1
Cloak of the Wings Talonz Magic Items Cloak
Cloak of the Hawk Talonz Magic Items Cloaks
Rapier of Plangent Glaciation Talonz Magic Items Weapons
Studded Lightning Armor Talonz Magic Items Armor
High Intensity Scope Talonz Magic Items
Infernal Avenger evil warlock weapon cursed
Medallion of Thoughts
Ring of X-Ray Vision
Sending Stones
Shield of Missile Attractions
Pearl of Power Talonz Magic Items
Halskette ****
Naginata glaive weapon polearm finesse reach heavy two-handed martial
The Crescent Moon amulet
The Jar of Leeches
The Mirror of Disguise
Spear of Tha'Grunn
Vernul Herbalism
Bag of Unlimited Rope item rope homebrew
Warrior's Spirit-Mail armor medium armor magic magic armor healing 1d4
white dragon scale mail
Medium Ballista weapon
Pit Trap
Falling Net Trap
Crossbow Trap
Bear Trap
Rapier of Warning Rapier Magical Magical Warning
Cloak of Amon item wonderous magic daemon daemonic weapon form charisma damage
Soap, common SOAP DnD 5e PHB Adventuring Gear
Pot, Iron DnD 5e PHB Adventuring Gear Containers
Calligrapher's Supplies DnD 5e PHB Tools Artisan&039;s Tools
Ink Pen
Ink (1 ounce bottle)
+1 Rapier +1 Rapier 5e
Herbalism Kit herbalism kit tools potion of healing
Weaver's Tools weavers tools tools
Leper Dagger Leper
Fishing Tackle fishing tackle gear adventuring
Dust of Dryness dust dryness water dry
Latrice dell'alba
Kassei van Frederburg
Rod of the Pact Keeper Talonz Magic Items Rods
Disentigration Rifle Talonz Magic Items Weapons
Steel Spiked Leather Armor steel spiked leather armor light
Wolf Hide Armor armor wolf hide protection fur intimidation intimidate wolves lycans
Holy symbol phb gear
Explorer's Pack equipment pack phb
Priest's Pack equipment pack phb
Shield armor shield phb
Scale mail armor medium armor phb
Light crossbow simple ranged weapon light crossbow phb
Mace simple melee weapon mace phb
Lantern of Reassuring Calm lantern calm stress
Deep Bronze Shield shield deep bronze lead tin gold magic protection advantage
Alchemist's Supplies
Flaming Saber of the Swifthanded (Scimitar, +1)
Black Stone Chitin
Suffering Beast Scale Armor suffering beast soul scale armor potential Dexterity modifier lightning resistance defence passive perception bonus Charisma save Cha ST Constitution modifier Con mod Nightmare Fear Wisdom Save Wis ST
Thrashwyrm Hide Armor thrashwyrm hide armor +1 to AC dex mod dexterity modifier fur wolf stony grey grey blue yellow streaks helmet skull featherblades magic resistance resistance protection Intimidation advantage beasts
Broken Tusk broken tusk grandblade fighter slashing heavy sword parry soul growing sword grow avalanche smash 15ft cone boulder crush 5ft cube dbl dmg double damage eruption spin 5ft circle fissure cut 30ft line
Grand Grimmus Ripper grand blade grimmus slimy soul finesse necrotic light shortsword obsidian azuros bone fur claws blade teeth mathutil style critical hits critical hits crits serrated flames white-blue brilliant red damage +1 to damage +1 to dmg +1 to hit
Sporedart Pistol hunters pistol sporedart rare ranged weapon gun dartgun fine dwarven alloys direct from erlin ducin! myconid poisoncrystal wisdom modifier wis mod charged shot constitution save con ST Myconids summons adds minions
Blood Bone Staff bone staff blood transformation blood transformation weapon shift shapeshift kenku wing quarterstaff bludgeoning versatile spear glaive heavy reach pike two handed 2H sythe cleave lajatang slashing piercing finesse monk weapon vaulting strike
Blighted Staff of the World Tree spring summer autumn winter staff blighted world tree waytree branch living wood seasons cicada carapace vines find familiar twig blight blight ritual needle blight fisher blight vine blight goblin blight nightmare sylva
Suffering Beast Glaive lightning slashing weapon shadowsteel glaive uncommon monk bludgeoning heavy reach 2H dash speed opportunity attack disadvantage melee push move stop
Bug Blaster bowgun light uncommon bug blaster modifiable hit modifier +1 to hit light loading 2H crossbow kikimore plates oil projectiles various damage
Beast Fury Totem arcane warlock focus spellcasting uncommon beast fury totem eldritch blast reroll damage azurette fur bones claws staff
Pond Lurker Horn poison hunting horn uncommon pond lurker bones organs bludgeoning rally constitution save con ST charisma bonus action weapon
Accordion of Haunting
Narny & Sar (Sun & Moon)
Boots of the Winterlands Talonz Magic Items
Gill Scarf t1
Crossbow bolt, 20
Cook's Utensils
Quiver of Ehlonna quiver ehlonna wondrous
Stealth Armor
Brewer's Supplies Tools Character Creation
Cartographer's Tools Tools Character Creation
Kana & Rana (Moon Marbles) t2
Spiritmaster's Foresight t2
Conch of teleportation Shell Conch Storm King
Ebony and Ivory
Flasher's Fancy Finery Talonz Magic Items
Pants of Fashion
Bag of Moonstones
Sword of Vengeance
Circlet Of Blasting
Slippers of Spider Climbing
Staff of the Python
Vine Headband t2
Crocodile Leather Armour t1
Enchanted Spice and Ingredients Kit and Storage
Hidden Shield
Sleep Gun
Switch Axe
Pripasi magica
Pripasi incendiaria
Pripasi expansiva.
Pripasi comun
Ogon Obr. I V. 2
Ogon Obr. I
Glasses of Clarity
Chest of Radience
Impossible Trident
Champions Twinaxes
Scorpion's Embrace
Conjurer's Fleece
Headdress of the Lizard King
Tamer's Stone t2
Bark Shield t2
Cuttlefish Glove t2
Grom in Strela (+1) t2
Spiritmaster's Blade t2
Light Amulet t1
Shaman Summoner's Staff t1
The Acorn (bound) t1
Shaman Healer's Necklace t1
Cloak of Protection t1
Spiritmaster's Bracelet t1
Shaman Warrior's Handle Wraps t1
Lightsaber jedi sith lightsaber star wars
Woodcarver's Tools tool
Heiliges Symbol von Bahamut
Цепной боевой топор weapon custom-made
Dungeoneer's Pack
Wand of Magic Detection
Potion of Healing Talonz Magic Items Potions
Potion of Un-Healing Talonz Magic Items Potions
Mana Potion
Wand of Suggestion
Blisk t1
Grom t1
Dolch des singenden Drachens
Ancient Pocket Watch Artifact
Enhanced Boots of Hiking
Boots of Hiking
Lumas Flower
Band of Blinding Shield
Grappling Bolt
The Smile Weapon
Ace of Spades Weapon Gunslinger Cayde
Boots of Hiding
Lantern of Obscurity
Banquet of Life
Bag of Holding (Dead Heroes) bag of holding
Guild Signet Ring
Quiver Quiver
Thunder Cannon ua thunder cannon artificer firearm
Staff of Healing dmg staff healing
Ring of Spell Turning ring legendary
Ring of Swimming dmg ring
Cap of Water Breathing dmg cap water breathing
Wings of Flying dmg wings flying
Voyager Staff Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica GGtR Magic: the Gathering MTG
Sword of the Paruns Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica GGtR Magic: the Gathering MTG
Sunforger Guildmasters&039; Guide to Ravnica GGtR Magic: the Gathering MTG Boros Legion
Spies' Murmur Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica GGtR Magic: the Gathering MTG
Skyblinder Staff Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica GGtR Magic: the Gathering MTG Staff
Rakdos Riteknife Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica GGtR Magic: the Gathering MTG Dagger Legendary
Pyroconverger Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica GGtR Magic: the Gathering MTG Wondrous
Peregrine Mask Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica GGtR Magic: the Gathering MTG
Pariah's Shield Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica GGtR Magic: the Gathering MTG Armor Shield Boros Legion
Moodmark Paint Guildmaster&039;s Guide to Ravnica GGtR Magic: the Gathering MTG Wondrous
Mizzium Mortar Woundrous Weapon Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica GGtR Magic: the Gathering MTG
Potion of Resistance SRD Consumable Resistance
Potion of Superior Healing SRD Consumable Resistance
Herbalism Kit
Argentum Blade
Gravity Gloves
Boots of Bouncing
Arrows/Bolts of Randomness
Chill Dagger
Faulty Boomerang Sword
Stuufurs Axt Stuufur
Handy Spice Pouch
Mysterious Key
Potion of Invisibility
Cane Sword
Garrote Wire
Flame Tongue Rapier
Mizzium Armor Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica GGtR Magic: the Gathering MTG Armor
Mizzium Apparatus Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica GGtR Wondrous Magic: the Gathering MTG
Illusionist's Bracers Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica GGtR Wondrous Magic: the Gathering MTG
Nanite Enhancers
Crystal Ball
Robe of Stars
Eye of Severa
Fall of a Queen
Camaron's Deck
Night Frost War Scythe
Amulet of Sanctuary
Healing Pulser
Greataxe Weapon Greataxe
Ring of Goblinkind
Wildshape Totems
Dyrrn's Tentacle Whip dyrrn&039;s tentacle whip melee reach martial slashing psychic
Tuba tuba instrument brass instrument
Mask of Disguise HB Wondrous item Uncommon
The Bloodsword
Dulcimer musical instrument bard entertainer
Longbow of Expert Marksmanship
Sunstone (Improved)
Riot Shield
Semiauto SMG
Blinding Powder KoboldPress Posion
Musk Bomb KoboldPress Gnoll
Scent Chalk Kobold KoboldPress
Scaleshine Kobold KoboldPress Grooming
Rockmelt Kobold KoboldPress Alchemy
Heatsuit Kobold KoboldPress Clothing
Red Dragonscale Shield
Dragonscale Armor (Red)
Dragonscale Caestus Knucklebusters
Smokepowder Keg Talonz Smokepowder
Smokepowder Packet Talonz Smokepowder
Musket Talonz Weapons
Pistol Talonz Weapons
Backsword HB weapon
Deep Azure Bow
Devastation Orb
Insignia of Claws
Scroll of Dimension Door
Scroll of Fireball
Scroll of Feather Fall
Martelo dos Terremotos
Potion of Growth control utility consumable
War-Scythe weapon martial exotic sickle variant
Bleak's End +3
Staff of the Blackmire
Deployable Shield Generator
Gauntlet of Bloodlust
Flail (Revised) weapon martial exotic flail variant flail revised remake
Staff of Ruin
Magical lamp Homebrew
Czerka CZX-4 Assault Cannon
PW-3 ST Sniper Rifle
Thermal Detonator
Republic Trooper Armor (Old Republic)
E-1R Blaster
Mithril Breast Plate mithril breastplate
Bag of Disrupting Sand
Toster's Imperfect Abyssal Lantern
Dagger of Warning Dagger Magical Magical Warning
Autumn Shield of Falling Rain
Orb of the Cured
Signet Ring of Healing ring enchanted artifice artificer bonus combat magic wondrous item item
The Last Whisper Dagger Legendary Artifact Evil
Vestment Social Clothes
Lute bard instrument generic
Azurite gemstone
Emblem phb spellcasting focus holy symbol cleric paladin
Ebony Lute gear instrument
Entertainer's Pack gear pack
Surgical Kit Surgery Healer&039;s Kit Broken Thyroid Broken Rib Cut Artery Concussion Chaos Ranks
Smelling Salts Smelling Salts Long Rest Exhaustion Death Homebrew
Ring of the Four Seasons
Tent Tent
Ring of Casting (+1)
Caramon's Tome
Moonlight Blessed Potion of Healing
Heldigslag, the Sling of Rolling Thunder
Briar Rose Gloves
Midnight Blessed Handaxe (Gone. Returned to Alekhine)
Righteous Axe of Goading (Gone. Returned to Alekhine)
the Tethered Quickblade
Hand-carved Pan Pipes
The Holy Grale (Establishment) establishment tavern magic vehicle stronghold
solar blade solar blade
midnight wildfire Amulet Relic Eryka Aldershade
Juramento Good Radiant Sword
Boots of Striding and Springing BUFF MOVEMENT UTILITY FOOTWEAR
Amulet of Patience Magic Item Homebrew Monk
Amulet of Fury Magic Item Homebrew Barbarian
Heart of the Forgotten
Soul of the Deathless
Scythe of versatile weaponment magical item magic weapon Scythe
Orb of Golden Death Elemental Evil
Tower shield shield tower shield
Heater shield shield heater shield
Steelheart's Shackles vandria gilmadrith bracers vambraces hit points
Collana dell'adattamento
Zora Spear Item Weapon
Sonjas Timglas semenija sonja
Cloak of Displacement Wonderous Item Disadvantage Combat
Adamantine Plate Armor Armor Adamantine Plate Heavy
Catflailer Boots
N'Hir's Restraint
Lycantha's Freedom[strike][/strike]
Longbow +2
Shortsword +2 weapon shortsword enchented
Shortsword +1 weapon shortsword enchented
Blade of Atar's Chosen 13 Spheres