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Publisher's Copyright

Copyright of SRD Blocks   Permission to copy, modify and distribute the files collectively known as the System Reference Document 5.1 (“SRD5”) is granted solely through the use of the Open Gaming License, Version 1.0a.   This material is being released using the Open Gaming License Version 1.0a and you should read and understand the terms of that license before using this material.

Copyright of "Shared" Statblocks

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Monster statblock for Dungeons and Dragons 5e
ID Name Tags
Commoner Humanoid Medium Commoner Any
Wolf Alpha Beast Wolf 1/2 CR
Gnoll Stealth Adept CR 1
Petros Malalis
Grey Whale Beast Whale 3 CR
Hyena Beast Hyena 0 CR
Goat Beast Goat 0 CR
Frog Beast Frog 0 CR
Elephant Beast Elephant 4 CR
Camel Beast Camel Mount 1/8 CR
Bat Beast Bat 0 CR
Baboon Beast Ape 0 CR
Winter Wolf Beast Wolf 3 CR
Wolf Beast Wolf 1/4 CR
Polar Bear Beasts Bear 2 CR
Owl Beast Owl Air 0 CR
Lion Beast Lion 1 CR
Weasel Beast Weasel 0 CR
Dolphin Beast Water Dolphin 1/8 CR
Constrictor Snake Beast Snake 1/4 CR
Poisonous Snake Beast Snake 1/8 CR
Killer Whale Beast Whale 3 CR
Ploughfish Beast Plant Water 1/8 CR
Jellyfish Beast Jellyfish Water 1/4 CR
Sea Horse Beast Fish 0 CR
Quipper Beast Fish 0 CR
Donkey Beast Mount 1/3
Grumbar Deity Earth Elemental
Cucco beast cucco bird unaligned global
Aatxe - Creature Codex Bestiary Celestial
Crushing Wave Reaver Princes of the Apocolypse Temple of Elemental Evil The Ninth World CR 1/2 humanoid human neutral evil neutral evil
‌Thuluna Maah (Sea Hag) fey hag sea hag medium chaotic evil chaotic evil CR 2
Wereshark CR 5 humanoid human shapechanger neutral evil neutral evil
Fathomer humanoid medium neutral evil evil neutral
Evil Earth Elemental Elementals elemental CR 16 sword in the stone neutral evil Cult of Evil Earth
Evil Earth Elemental (old) Elementals elemental CR 16 sword in the stone neutral evil Cult of Evil Earth
Greater Mimic (Typhon Cacoplasmus) mimic alien monstrosity cr 5 neutral evil neutral evil
Rethiarius the Sentinel construct robot unaligned huge CR 15 cube skyforge
Telepath (Typhon Psychocratis) Aberration Mind Flayer ILLITHID Typhonis Medium Lawful Evil lawful evil
Mimic (Typhon Cacoplasmus) mimic alien monstrosity cr 2 neutral evil neutral evil
Surk construct robot unaligned surk cr 1 chaotic neutral chaotic neutral
Gloine Nathair-Nathair, The Glass Medusa undead cr 6 medium lawful evil evil lawful
Zulerin Sentinel construct robot unaligned huge CR 15
Relentless Reaper construct robot unaligned CR 8
Bonecracker (Froglok Ghast) ghoul froglok EQ undead medium swim chaotic evil evil chaotic CR 1 ghast
Froglok Ghoul ghoul froglok EQ undead medium swim chaotic evil evil chaotic CR 1
Tentacle Terror abberation eq najena medium chaotic evil cr 1 evil chaotic
Monstrous Dog Alpha dinosaur dog wolf huge unaligned
Repairbot construct robot unaligned CR 1
Baboonoid humanoid lawful neutral larful neutral
Manikin (Boxer) construct robot unaligned manikin
Yangethe abberation alien CR 9 chaotic evil evil chaotic
Wolf-In-Sheep's-Clothing plant medium unaligned CR 5
Snapper Saw Plant
Monstrous Dogs dinosaur dog wolf huge unaligned
Froghemoth frog monstrosity aquatic alien
Manikin (Fencing Instructor) construct robot unaligned manikin
Manikin (Karate Trainer) construct robot unaligned manikin
Manikin construct robot unaligned
WEE-DN (Agro-WorkerBot) construct robot unaligned
Bonnie (Mutant Plant) Small Plant Neutral-evil neutral evil
Ro-Z (Household-WorkerBot) construct robot unaligned
Croachling (Mutant Meenlock) Volo&039;s Guide D&D Mutant Croachling Cockroach Meenlock variant
Jaybird Galactic Girl Guide
Li'l Poltergeist Monster Chaotic Evil
Pale Shadow
Mirror Skeleton
Anima Leech
Jackal Beast Canine 1/8 CR
Giant Rat Beast Rat 1/8 CR
Crocodile Beast Crocodile 1/2 CR
Cat Beast Pet Cat 1/8 CR
Rhinoceros Beast Rhino 2 CR
Pony Beast Mount 1/8 CR
Ape Beast Ape 1/2 CR
Mammoth Beast Elephant 6 CR
Panther Beast Panther 1/4 CR
Deinonychus SRD D&D
Vulture Beast Vulture 0 CR
Nihiloor WDH Aberration Monster
Pirate Captain
Boar beast swine
Blood Hawk beast bird hawk
Black Bear beast bear
Badger beast mustelidae badger
Baboon beast ape
Axe Beak beast bird
Awakened Tree plant awakened
Awakened Shrub plant awakened
Ape beast ape
Elemental, Air
Sephek Kaltro neutral evil Sephek Kaltro Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
Drowned Ones Monsters
Drowners Monsters
Lich 21.32 Lich Clear
Stonewing: Avatar Form Humblewood Beast
Homunculus Artificer infusions
Smart Slime
Kraken kraken monster legendary sea ocean
The Unbeheld One The Unbeheld One Kraken Boss
Lesser Lich 5.8 lich
Dire Wolf direbeast beast canid grey bag of tricks CR1
Giant Badger giantbeast beast mustelidae badger grey bag of tricks CR1/4
Giant Elk giantbeast beast deer grey bag of tricks CR2
Panther beast feline grey bag of tricks CR1/4
Boar beast swine grey bag of tricks CR1/4
Badger beast mustelidae badger grey bak of tricks CR0
Giant Rat giantbeast beast rodent grey bag of tricks CR1/8
Weasel beast grey bag of tricks CR0
Mandebbok Urgenef Midgard Sagas
Dire Badger Midgard Sagas
Water Elemental Elementals
Earth Elemental Elementals
Fire Elemental Elementals
Brown Bear beast bear
Geist entropy
Sky Howlie Abomination CR4
Steel Dragon, Adult 9.20
Orbidian Wyvern Reptiles Beast Large Hover Draconid
E. D. D. R. W. 22n32
Wilbur Soot
Nekropoth Mammals Carsil Deadly Creature Nekropoth
Ochre Jelly
Kobold underling (Wildemount setting)
Spirit of The White Stag: Avatar Form Humblewood Beast
Gastro pet
Merlinda the Green Rhunaar Rhunaar Marshes Boss Hag
Giant Constrictor Snake giantbeast beast reptile snake
Karen the Daughter of Tiamat BBEG 26n30
Diesel Drider
Slaver 5.8 Horror
Big Flesh Golem
Axolotl beast axolotl axolotl project 5e salamander
Fire Bird beast bird hawk
Soldier Military CR1 Arny Soldier
Skeleton Warrior Monster Lawful Evil
Poltergeist Monster Chaotic Evil
Brontosaurus Volo&039;s Guide D&D Import Beast
Barghest barghest goblin shapechanger fiend Import
Bandit Captain Import
Allip Import Undead
Prime Lykosor Beast Lizard Elite Ambushers
Lykosor Beast Lizard Ambushers
Bahamut Bahamut the platinum dragon
Naddar Wild dragon
Grugga Wild dragon
Ursa Minor
Mania Genies Genie Ghosts Ghost Spirit Indentured Indentured Spirit Sacrifice Mania Dionysian Mysteries Dionysos Cult Slave
Skeleton Undead
Wight Undead
Giant Polyp
Malus Ivius world boss
Elf, Drow
Swarm of Diseased Rats swarm beast rodent diseased
Revenant SRD D&D
Uthram Captain Uthram Demon Boss Captain Rhunaar
Worg SRD
Zombie Undead
Bront Bront Monstrosity
Caellan's Worg Monster Mount
Meatcomma'Chunk giantbeast beast arachnid spider
Oakheart: Avatar Form Humblewood Beast
Bastard Prince Bartholomew, Bart the Brutal [Boss]
Laela direbeast beast canid
Helot Soldier Military Army Soldier Spartan Slave Auxiliary
Auxiliary Helot Military Army Soldier Spartan Slave Auxiliary
Necrophilim (Deva & Erinyes) Undead CR5 Devil Angel Necrophilim Nephilim
Spartan Military CR1 Arny Soldier Spartan
Thug [Elite]
Black Knight [LT]
Highwayman [Elite]
Divine Bravo [Mook]
Odin Ranch horse
Horse Thief [Mook]
Arcane Binder [Mook]
Randy The Manta Ray
Battle Mastiff monster mastiff battle mastiff dog
Putrid Haunt
Common Dog monster
Deadeye [Mook]
Runic Boar beast swine giantbeast mount magic beasts
Giant Python reptile summoned large snake manifesto-related
Aatonkosken vartija
Goblin warrior of Clan Gor
Generic Forest-Bandit foe bandit forest
Guard (common)
Blisterwyvern Blisterwyverns
Wizard Golem golem into the borderlands
Troglodyte Spore Servant plant into the borderlands
Troglodyte Shaman troglodyte into the borderlands
Thoul into the borderlands
Osquip into the borderlands
Orc Chief orc into the borderlands
Ogre Skeleton ogre undead into the borderlands
Nixie fey into the borderlands
Marevak, Advisor to the Castellan elf into the borderlands
Mad Hermit human into the borderlands
Living Wax Statue construct into the borderlands
Living Stone Statue construct into the borderlands
Kobold Sorcerer kobold spellcaster into the borderlands
Zen Sproutling creature medium plant photovore neutral good zen sproutling strength constitution vulnerability fire aura of serenity heal healing spores stomp melee bludgeoning
Toadypad creature large plant amphibious unaligned toadypad AC 16 swim swim 40ft constitution perception safe in the shade stench aura bite melee bludgeoning tonguelash ranged
Hivequeen creature large plant decomposer unaligned burrow burrow 20ft wisdom charisma tremorsense tremorsense 30ft darkvision darkvision 60ft swarm caller claw melee piercing grapple grappling grappled
Fruitbat creature small plant hemovore unaligned fruitbat fly fly 30ft dexterity perception blindsight blindsight 120ft echolocation flyby bloodhunger proboscis melee piercing
Forest Guardian creature large plant photovore lawful good forest guardian AC 18 burrow burrow 20ft wisdom charisma lockdown charge barge melee bludgeoning
Fernhunter creature medium plant carnivore unaligned fern hunter wild shape form dexterity wisdom perception survival darkvision darkvision 60ft keen senses pack tactics bite piercing grapple grappling grappled restrained restrain restraining
Servine creature medium plant carnivore unaligned servine dexterity wisdom perception stealth vulnerability fire darkvision darkvision 60ft camoflague razor leaf ranged piercing
Ploughfish creature small plant scavenger unaligned burrow burrow 30ft dexterity constitution perception stealth vulnerability fire tremorsense tremorsense 30ft cunning strike pack tactics bite melee piercing
Luckpuff creature small plant phototrope unaligned fly fly 30ft dexterity performance persuasion vulnerability fire darkvision darkvision 120ft hover rallying cry heal healing spores buffet melee bludgeon bludgeoning
Ferullusc creature small plant aquatic unaligned ferullusc swim swim 30ft dexterity intelligence perception stealth darkvision darkvision 120ft cunning strike advantage piercing hide in plain sight beak melee piercing
Fernhound creature medium plant carnivore unaligned fern hound wild shape form vulnerability fire perception stealth dexterity wisdom keen senses pack tactics lightfooted bite melee piercing
Wind Rider wind rider plant form tiny wild shape
Scuttlebloom creature tiny plant insectivore scuttle bloom unaligned wild shape form climb climb 30ft camoflague scuttle spider climb bite melee poison piercing CON ST
Rootsucker creature tiny plant omnivore root sucker wild shape form burrow burrow 20ft tremorsense tremorsense 30ft perception stealth dexterity constitution vulnerability fire scurry surefooted chomp slashing reach reach 5ft
Kelp Dragon creature tiny plant aquatic unaligned kelp dragon form wild shape stealth perception swim swim 30ft camoflague aqua charge bite
Wandering Shrub creature small plant photovore unaligned wandering shrub wild shape form vulnerability fire stealth dexterity tremorsense false appearance sleep spores tremorsense 20ft rake melee slashing
Kobold Chieftain kobold into the borderlands
Iron Cobra snake construct into the borderlands
Gripfoot Bullywug bullywug into the borderlands
Gnome Trickster gnome trickster into the borderlands
Gnome gnome into the borderlands
Giant Water Spider spider into the borderlands
Giant Rat Pack Leader rat rat pack into the borderlands
Giant Pike pike into the borderlands
Giant Crayfish crayfish into the borderlands
Giant Crab Spider spider into to the borderlands
Giant Cave Cricket cricket into the borderlands
Giant Armadillo armadillo into the borderlands
Fledgling Mage mage into the borderlands
Evil Priest evil priest into the borderlands
Dat (a Kobold) kobold companion
Elite Kobold kobold humanoid into the borderlands
Elite Hobgoblin hobgoblin goblinoid into the borderlands
Elite Bullywug bullwug into the borderlands
Decapus into the borderlands
Houzer Mount
Coffer Corpse undead into the borderlands
Cave Fisher fish into the borderlands
Caryatid Column caryatid into the borderlands
Captain of the Watch into the borderlands
Succubus of Bekoshe Demon MC
Broom of Animated Attack broom into the borderlands
Bone Golem golem into the borderlands
Barbarian Warrior barbarian into the borderlands
Bailiff of the Outer Bailey into the borderlands
Awakened Vampiric Shrub plant into the borderlands
Armadillo armadillo into the borderlands
dEr0 Metalman
dEr0 Interrogator
Belinka Talonz Duncan NPC
Trulladon troll trulladon snow white & the huntsman troll bigger troll giant giantkin
Rot Wolf Leper Wolf Beast
Clockwork Knight Medium Construct Clockwork
Leper Witch Leper Goblin Miniboss
Leper Warrior Leper Goblin
Bugbear Monstrosity Leper Goblin Miniboss
Andal (Villain)
Leper Swarmer Leper Goblin Minion
Cult Fanatic of the Iron Voice (Action Oriented) cult action oriented homebrew
Lost Soul
Drow Elite Warrior
Beholder Zombie
Sir Bearington
Kobold Kanun Bear
Juvenile Wyvern
AntiPhoenix unaligned AntiPhoenix Veins of The Earth
Wolf Pack
Tressym tressym monster
Kruthik Hivelord Creature
Adolescent Kruthik Creature
Adult Kruthik Creature
Haze Monster
Big Rats (Mob)
Kraathak'thuul Amalgam
Fettuccine beast
Might Golem
Law Enforcement Officer
Animated Armor Construct Animate_Armor
The Lady of Dusk Divine goddess god Lady of Dusk
Wellenwand Wache
Moss Wolf
Dark Dragon
Ankheg Rider Dorrinn
Goblin Fanatic
Ghoul Ghouls
Hyena hyena hyena reskin improved bite hyenas are no joke guys monster manual gnoll cackle bouda zaguna beast
Shepherd tribal warrior tribal warrior reskin monster manual shepherd pastoralist nomad
Warhorse warhorse horse knight chain armor warhorse reskin monster manual
Bronze Brother (Cavalry) knight knight reskin monster manual brotherhood of bronze cavalry warhorse mounted warrior
Bronze Brother (Infantry) knight knight reskin monster manual brotherhood of bronze infantry
Saggasu (Gnoll) gnoll bandit gnoll reskin bandit reskin monster manual habiru saggasu apiru
Saggasu (Kenku) monster manual bandit bandit reskin kenku habiru saggasu apiru
Saggasu (Kobold) kobold bandit saggasu habiru apiru bandit reskin monster manual
Saggasu (Human) bandit bandit reskin barbarian habiru apiru saggasu anarchist monster manual
Gulthias Tree Gulthias Tree
Tiny Tatzel taztel
Sunblessed Scarab giant scarab beetle scarab beetle scarab sunblessed scarab marrow desert marrowmen thri-kreen mount
Goldenpelt Lion nemean lion but not from nemea lion dire lion cave lion american lion lions of tsavo saber-tooth reskin monster manual reskin
Adder adder poisonous snake reskin because poison is not a predation method but a defense method you mean venomous snake venom monster manual monster manual reskin
Peryton peryton hybrid monster manual
Young Shadow Dragon dragon
Skeleton undead
Zombie undead
Spirit Wolf Wolf Fey Spirit Mount
Numbskull I wany to die
Cyclops cyclops giant monster manual
Markhor markhor shanindar dwarves giant goat goat caprine dwarf shanindar shanindar empire
Gazelle gazelle nioa hakoa iroa reskinned deer desert reskin
Oryx oryx beast nioa hakoa desert
Fang of Zaguna gnoll gnoll fang of yeenoghu gnoll fang of zaguna zaguna demon burning labyrinths hyena hyenadon abyssal abyss
Gnoll Cackle Matriarch gnoll gnoll pack lord gnolls are hyenas and hyenas are female-dominated gnoll cackle cackle gnoll cackle matriarch
N'Kai Host (Infesting Stage 1) abberation parasite evil
Leucrotta leucrotta gnoll zaguna demon abyss burning labyrinths hyena
Kenku kenku monster manual
Carrion Crawler carrion crawler aberration monstrosity insectoid scavenger
Scorpiox scorpion scorpiox tlincali marrow desert
Smoking Barrel Sailor Smoking Barrel
Almiraj almiraj chult tomb of annihilation nioa mashiq shanindar
Swarm of Wasps swarm invertebrate insects
Kobold Scale Sorcerer kobold sorcerer spellcaster volo&039;s guide to monsters
Stirge stirge parasite rot grubs rot grub
Swarm of Rot Grubs swarm invertebrate bugs stirge infestation parasite
Kobold Inventor kobold kobold inventor improved sling improvised weapons
Kobold Dragonshield kobold dragonshield paladin kobold eggs dragons
Kobold kobold updated sling
Urd kobold urd flying winged kobold
Chelydra (Giant Snapping Turtle) beast snapping turtle gigantism tomb of annihilation giant snapping turtle chelydra
Kraken Kraken Evil Legendary Boss
Mechanical dwarven train Boss
Red Chu Chu
Drop of Shimanai
Cult Fanatic
Hammy dragon familiar Hammy Hamburglar
Gonk Talonz Steel Defender Jarvis
Bloodfire Elemental
Sword Wraith Commander
Steel Defender Talonz Artificer Steel Defender
Giant Fox Giant Fox Giant Fox
Fox Fox
Charred Soul Undead
Pelgrave Chuul
Sand Worm
Allip undead
Holy Steed
Grey ocelot
Gil'Do-un, The Fungal One
Fey Golem
Undead Dreadnought undead evil large dreadnought frightened
Some bad guy
Hateflame Mephit
Kobold Scale Sorcerer VGtM kobold
Horned Desert Viper
Winged Kobold MM kobold
Giant Majitalian Scorpion
Barbed Tusker beast Rulklorn evil
White Ethergaunt aberration ethergaunt Fiend Folio
Red Ethergaunt aberration ethergaunt Fiend Folio
Black Ethergaunt aberration ethergaunt Fiend Folio
Snowflake Ooze ooze Monster Manual III
Cheese Elemental Elemental Cheese The Cheesemaker’s Guild
Flying Monkey beast ape flying monkey
The Lichguard
Creepy Crawly
Chanra, The Blade of Hridi hridi evil insect princess
Cheese Elemental
Baba Yeehgoo
Bismuth Dragon Wyrmling dragon bismuth crystal lightning sky wyrmling
The Watcher
Remp divine beast
Disco Dragon dragon special
Failed Cultist
The Unworthy
Eldritch Ulitharid eldritch ulitharid
Rot Shambler
Spearman Human Feudal Fighter
Lance Corporal (dismounted) Human Feudal Fighter
Cymru Archer Human Feudal Archer
Crusader Swordsman Human Crusader Fighter
Crusader Spearman Human Crusader Fighter
Pilgrim Crusader guard pilgrim states walking through the mashiq monster manual reskin
Troll Lizard
Gran Estatua poseída (cobra)
Revor the Shamed
Ultroloth Yogoloth
Nycaloth Yogoloth
Mezzoloth Yogoloth
Arcanaloth Yogoloth
Hellena Warden Enemy Fire Hellena Warden
Krampus evil deamon
Ao, the Beginning Ao Chaotic Good Dragon Progenitor Beginning
Falánk uralkodó Gasharak Gasharak
uralkodó Gasharak Gasharak
Adult Lung Dragon Lung Dragon
Eclipse the Panther beast feline
Falánk Gasharak Gasharak
Chockablock Gasharak Gasharak
Bone Golem
Wood giant Giant Wood
Nicholas The Fallen evil santa
Cabeza de boton Companion
Agnibarra Bestiary Monstrosity
Acid Ant Bestiary monstrosity
Aatxe Bestiary Celestial
Hoorockra Monstrosity Titan Primordial
Feathered Dog warlock familiar pact of the chain familiar dmsguild federico pilleri
Sea Captain Humanoid
Merchant Humanoid Merchant Npc
Beast of Earth
Beast of Air
Ironclad Cobbledob
Chime clinger Tiny unaligned creature chime clinger small monster
Megalodon megalodon shark beast underwater ships
Knight of the Ebon Crown evil knight undead heresa heresian order ebon crown
Chuul Evil Monster Coastal Sewers Underground Lakes Swamps
Troglodyte Monster Evil
small elephant
Gadoran Militant
Demiurge Drone
Owlbear Cub
Hirschghul Monstrosity Work in Progress
Dire Panther
Pale Reaver aberration large CR6 berserker blindsight
Froghtor's Knight knight Froghtor Beast
The Froghtor Frog Prince Beast
Blood Zombie
Storm Giant Quintessent Talonz
Planeshifting crystalline dragon Talonz
Ogre Skeleton
Lesser Bone Golem
Masutan Dragon
The Tainted Rakurn
Feral Fornde underground lizard feral fornde
Harbor Drake drake monster aquatic
Singing Potato Monster Plant Singing Potato
Green Crystalline Golem (Fire Elemental)
Green Crystalline Husk (Humanoid)
Pachycephalosaurus dinosaur dinosaurs pachycephalosaurus Dylor Wreadora
Hyaenodon gnoll gnolls hyena giant hyena Dylor guilmon182
Koa toa chief Koa Toa coni island
Lycanthrope( Turned Form ) Shapechanger Curse Lycanthropy
Banshee Frog
Enfant de la rouille
baby rust monster bug NPC
Warlord Hrauk'Ur
Orc Deadeye (Bane Clan) orc bane expert unit
Essence-gorged monstrosity
Orc War Chief (Bane Clan) orc bane expert unit
Goblin Battlemaster (Bane Clan) goblin bane expert unit
Goblin Tactician (Bane Clan) goblin bane advanced unit
Goblin Scout (Bane Clan) goblin bane basic unit
Orc Marksman (Bane Clan) orc bane advanced unit
Orc Champion (Bane Clan) orc bane advanced unit
Orc Crossbowman (Bane Clan) orc bane basic unit
HHX'er evil jock jerk
Drow Warrior evil underdark drow
Baldaroldo, Besta Arruinada baldaroldo boss giant ogre undead monster
The Ringmaster fey carnival warlock boss
Orphan Talonz Orphans
Orphan Leader Talonz Orphans
Lesser Molten Avatar
Dragon Dog chaotic evil dragon dog
Water Leaper
Greater Owl
Lesser Owl
Owl of Owls
Sorrow Fiend
Animated Snowman Bestiary Construct
Orc Warrior (Bane Clan) orc bane basic unit
[b]Murder Crow[/b] murdercrow
blight druid
Yria, Dragon Matriarch Lawful Good Overpowered Dragon
Guard Drake Draconic Dragon Drake
Darliek Construct
Flayed Abomination 13 Spheres
Sand Shark
Zarzul, Bringer of Life and Death Evil BBEG Lich Overpowered
Sarkany Knight
Rashimara Sari
Curse-Root Zombie
Lesser Zombie Knight 13 Spheres Zombie Undead
Vargouille Guard or Knight
Nightless infantry Lawful Evil Nightless
Kinvore beast tank desert special cassiter
Bush Stalker beast damage pack wolf reflexes special cassiter
Terssiter beast poison special cassiter
Walcassiter beast damage arboreal special cassiter
Donkey Horse Animals Animal Horses Donkey Donkeys
Mule Horse Animals Animal Horses Mule Mules
Horse Horse Animals Animal Horses
Jackal Head (Rogue level 10) evil humanoid shapechanger rogue
Living Dead evil undead zombie
Werefox Bestiary Humanoid
Sand seal sand seal Nioa quicksand beast mount sandchase sandchaser sandchasing Iskendra Mashiq Marrow Desert genasi
Werebadger Bestiary Humanoid
Baron Von Straushauld
Molten Elemental Bestiary Elemental
Magehunter Golem Golem
Ravisher Outsider Demon Evil
Mimic House Talonz Mimic
Doppelganger, but it's a Rogue-Mimic? Talonz Mimic
Death Shroud
elite chuul elite chuul
Mr T
Flying Fox
Eggmode (Spheal) 5e pokemon detroit-hermeus
Teeth Gobbler
Giant Toadure Talonz Mounts
Giant Speasel Talonz Mounts
Giant Crat Talonz Mounts
Shadow Mastiff Talonz Mounts
Giant Strider Talonz Mounts
Wendigo Homebrew Monster Wendigo Cursed Humanoid DnD D&D 5e
Aarakocra Priest of Aerdrie Bestiary Humanoid
Aarakocra Sharpshooter Bestiary Humanoid
Aarakocra Captain Bestiary Humanoid
Ring Servant Bestiary Construct
Alchemical Golem Bestiary Construct
The Rat (Gang Boss) goblinoid lycanthrope+
Lizard Folk Leader Lizard Humanoid
Children of Yggdrasil Bestiary Aberration
Animent (Bear soldier) Animent CR1 Bear soldier
Animent (Wolf soldier) Animent CR1/2 wolf soldier
Giant Axolotl Brae Wildshape Druid Creature CR 1
Hill Giant (Child)
Sandstone Golem
Cauldronborn Bestiary Construct
Death Teddy
Soul Homunculus Bestiary Construct
Necromancer MC Loras Mine
Mruggen evil dwarf elf magical
Zombie Knight evil zombie special
Lorelei Talonz Fey
Eleinomae Talonz Fey
Aridni Talonz Fey
Kamaitachi incarnate avatar monster
Giant Caimant incarnate avatar monster
Wirbeln Fungi Bestiary Plant
Great Mandrake Bestiary Plant
Mandrake Bestiary Plant
Mandriano Bestiary Plant
Long Ears Bunny
Rageipede Bestiary Beast
Shoreline Scrapper Bestiary Beast
Crypt Spider Bestiary Beast
Terror Bird Bestiary Beast
Snow Cat Bestiary Beast
Circle of the Poison Vine Kobold Mage Kobold Spellcaster Druid
Lindwurm Talonz
Catoblepas Talonz
Asanbosam Talonz
Barlgura Talonz
Sarcophagus Slime Talonz
Possessed Pillar Talonz
Clockwork Huntsman Talonz
Gnarljak Talonz
Gorgon Talonz
Medusa Talonz
Derro Shadow Antipaladin Talonz Derro
Derro Fetal Savant Talonz Derro
Derro Savant Talonz Derro
Derro Talonz Derro
Adult Brown Dragon Bestiary
Ancient Brown Dragon Bestiary
Death Hound
Draculi Pseudodragon Monster
Invisible Mimic Talonz Mimic
Tea Fiend fiend
Behemoth burrower gargantuan monstrosity
Leviathan aquatic gargantuan monstrosity
Selene nymian fey selene arcanist tacticion summoner scholar summons
Eos nymian fey eos arcanist tacticion summoner scholar summons
Garuda-Egi egi garuda arcanist tacticion summoner scholar summons
Titan-Egi egi titan arcanist tacticion summon scholar summons
Ifrit-Egi egi ifirit arcanist tacticion summoner scholar summons
Topaz Carbuncle carbuncle topaz arcanist tacticion summoner scholar summons
Emerald Carbuncle carbuncle emerald arcanist tacticion summoner scholar summons
Giant Spider Misc Creature (Arachnid)
Den magiska Matteläraren
The Hand of Vecna
Elder Wendigo Fiend
Bahamut Good Deity Dragon
Ashardalon, The Demonic Dragon Evil Dragon Demon
Bahamut Good Deity Dragon
SHIELD GUARDIAN Shield Guardian Construct
HOMUNCULUS Known Creatures of the Realms Construct Homunculus
HELMED HORROR Known Creatures of the Realms Construct Helmed Horror
STONE GOLEM Known Creatures of the Realms Construct Stone Golem
IRON GOLEM Known Creatures of the Realms Constructs Iron Golem
FLESH GOLEM Known Creatures of the Realms Constructs Flesh Golem
CLAY GOLEM Known Creatures of the Realms Construct Clay Golem
RUG OF SMOTHERING Known Creatures of the Realms Construct Rug of Smothering
FLYING SWORD Known Creatures of the Realms Construct Flying Sword
ANIMATED ARMOUR Known Creatures of the Realms Constructs Animated Armour
Kobold Inventor kobold
Hobgoblin Devastator goblinoid
Hobgoblin Warlord goblinoid
Hobgoblin Captain goblinoid
UNICORN Known Creatures of the Realms Celestial Unicorn
PEGASI Known Creatures of the Realms Celestial Pegasi
EMPYREAN Known Creatures of the Realms Celestial Empyrean (Titan)
COUATL Known Creatures of the Realms Celestial Couatl
SOLAR Solar Celestial
PLANETAR Known Creatures of the Realms Celestial Planetar
Mydaian Dragon
DEVA Known Creatures of the Realms Celestial Angel Deva
Forest Goblin Archer Forest Goblin Archer
White Patch Gnoll Gnoll evil humanoid arctic
Worg Pup
Young Behemoth monstrosity mountain frendly dragonlike