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Copyright of "Shared" Statblocks

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Monsters (2020)

Monster and Creature Statblock for D&D 5e created by Tillerz
ID Name Tags
Enchanter CR 5
The Wilder Witch Dragon Age Fleming
Undead Cohort
Templar Cohort
Stalker Cohort
Mage Cohort
Hunter Cohort
Cultist Cohort
Construct Cohort
Champion Cohort
Berserker Cohort
Abbot Cohort
Lost Demigod 16.20 favorite
Intoner's Guardian
Primal Soul Myrdan Homebrew 5e
Pact Familiar
Iceberg Drone
Gilman Shaman
Gilman Larva
Gilman Soldier
Gilman Worker
Mimic Hat
Aaron the Fallen Baldur&039;s Gate 3 Illithid Lyrium Mind Flayer Mage Grey Warden
Cultist Acolyte Evil Cultist
Kumiyaa Feline Alien Beast
Skeletal Vines The Whispering Woods Undead Plant
Skeletal Creeper The Whispering Woods Undead Plant
Giant Shark
Corpse Mould
Shadowfell Whisper
Narrasael Seal Alien Beast
Cuid Squid Octopus Alien Beast
Jovian Sea Serpent Sea Serpent Serpent Alien Beast
Cooinowee Sea Cucumber Beast Alien
Maambacor Sea Dragon Seahorse Alien Beast
Quecko Gecko Alien Beast
Wottlepodl Axolotl Beast Alien
Tenjen Fuchs NPC Batmansdarkgame
Water Elemental Elemental Subtype CR 5 Neutral Large Melee Walk 30 ft. Swim 120 ft. Darkvision 60 ft. Coastal Swamp Underwater Aquan Basic Rules
Sahuagin Humanoid Sahuagin CR 1/2 Lawful Evil Medium Melee and Ranged Walk 30 ft. Swim 40 ft. Darkvision 120 ft. Coastal Sahuagin Basic Rules
Sahuagin Warlock of Uk'otoa Humanoid Sahuagin CR 3 Neutral Evil Medium Spellsword Walk 30 ft. Swim 60 ft. Darkvision 120 ft. Coastal Underwater Guide to Wildemount
Allied Hunter Witch
Jet trooper 0.5 guard
Shadrix Silverquill dragon strixhaven strixhaven a curriculum of chaos radiant psychic bard
Scarecrow Ninja Ninja
War Drummer Human
Faerii Orc Scout
Faerii Orc
Shadowfell Hag
Sun Lion
Sand Hare
Sand Deer
Bed Dragon Wyrmling The Wild Sheep Chase
Ape The Wild Sheep Chase
Gibbering Mouther Monster Manual
Brown Bear Monster Manual
Wolf Monster Manual
Roc Monstrosity CR 11 Unaligned Gargantuan Melee Ranged Walk 20 ft. Fly 120 ft. Arctic Coastal Desert Hill Mountain Basic Rules
Althea Rosewood
Humphrey bunny
Ambush Drake
Were'Liz'ae Shapechanger Lizard Monster Lycanthrope Sarcathrope Humanoid Alien
Gorwahna Stingray Beast Alien
Humboroon Monkey Baboon Alien Beast
Cedave Beast Bug Horse Alien
Heavian Dragon Gryphon Griffin Bird Alien
Bood Shark Land Shark Shark Beast Alien
Munchkin Kumiyaa Feline Alien Beast
Yuecoatl Snake Coatl Beast Alien
Burgvoir Fish Beast Alien
Drowner of the Deep
Swarm of Mechanical Angels
Mechanical Angel
Rug of Smothering Construct CR 2 Unaligned Large Melee Walk 10 ft. Blindsight 60 ft. Basic Rules
Flying Sword
Vecna the Maimed
Vecna (Restored)
Mature False Hydra
Sand Troll troll large giant evil chaotic desert
Ninja Companion ninja summon
False Hydra
Dryad Fey CR 1 Neutral Medium Control Walk 30 ft. Darkvision 60 ft. Forest Elvish Sylvan Nature-Themed Basic Rules
Dread Warrior Undead CR 1 Neutral Evil Medium Melee and Ranged Walk 30 ft. Darkvision 60 ft. Common Dead in Thay
Totem Construct
Bloodflame Phoenix 4p5 Horror D.blood
Gusano Tapui
Lich of Stormbreaker Wharf
Elementargeist Monster Zauberbeschwörung TCE deutsch PsychoWedge
Rabbit Rabbit Bunny
Husker dog
The Sargent 11n15 flesh
Noodle Moth Dragon Noodle Moth Jovalan Fey
Steel Wool Lowogol
Bleach Idle Lowogol
Tidal Boar
Half-Ogre Giant CR 1 Any Chaotic Alignment Large Melee and Ranged Walk 30 ft. Darkvision 60 ft. Arctic Desert Forest Hill Mountain Underdark Urban Common Bandit-Themed Monster Manual
Dragonborn of Bahamut Humanoid CR 8 Typically Lawful Good Medium Melee Walk 30 ft. Fly 30 ft. Common Draconic As "Holy-Themed Treasury of Dragons
Bandit Humanoid Any Race CR 1/8 Any Non-Lawful Medium Melee and Ranged Walk 30 ft. Arctic Coastal Desert Forest Hill Urban Any One Language Crime-Themed Basic Rules
Skeletal Alchemist Undead CR 1/2 Lawful Evil Medium Melee and Ranged Walk 30 ft. Darkvision 60 ft. Science-Themed Ghosts of Saltmarsh
Ash Zombie Undead CR 1/4 Neutral Evil Medium Melee Walk 20 ft. Darkvision 60 ft. Urban Rot-Themed Lost Mine of Phandelver
Wolf Beast CR 1/4 Unaligned Medium Melee Walk 40 ft. Forest Grassland Hill Nature-Themed Basic Rules
Kobold Assassin
Zzazik imp fiend devil flying monster manual mm
Shadowfell Slug
Jackalwere monster humanoid CR1/2 Chaotic Evil Monster Manual
Allosaurus Beast Large unaligned dinosaur
Grasslands Surgebeast monstrosity
Coperal Companion (Druid)
Melgan Cloudroamer Undead Giant
Eii'piliy - The Plague
Hug Slug
Sweetie Pie Lvl. 2
Chameleon Syndicate Spy
Elite Robot Butler
Robot Butler
Cocalis - Humanoid
Frostfire Rex creature erenel
Banebrow Blindforge the Lifeless
Agonne the Vengeful
Ghost Boy
Cybernetic Surgeon (Carasinite Family Version)
Bearsharktopus creature erenel
Ancient Nexus Guardian construct
Wendigo evil cannibal chaos forest malicious
Cerulean Deathwhip bringer of tides waac wildlife
Rot Jr.
Divine Servant (Herald)
Hasslich Scout
Black Hand Brawler
Black Hand Goon
Black Hand Berserker
Belial, Lord of Lies
Mothwing Harbinger Forest Monster Harpy Moon
Mosswood Stalker Forest Monster Giant Bigfoot
Vorlath's Bear 6.10 guard
Vorlath's Hunter 6.10 guard
Specterling Undead
Banshee Matron Undead Banshee Specter
Octopod ocean monster marine nautical
Young Forest Drake
Star Weird
Cain the Undying
Starry Form: Xiy
Melic Yhorm: Form of Sand
Blight Tree
The Grater Boss Construct CR 12
Vampire Ghoul
Billy "The Brick" Swanson
Carasinite Enforcer
Animated Armor Construct CR 1
Garrok Badar
Gnoll Flesh Gnawer Monstrosity CR 1 Arctic Forest Grassland Hill Plague-themed
Sentron (Mobile)
Sentron (Stationary)
Daughter of Cadixtat (Fire Giantess) giant fire CR 9 Huge Lawful Evil Lawful Evil 4e
Accumulator electric elemental monster manual mm flying
Matron Mother Eclavdra Eilserv Elder Elemental Evil drow cleric CR 20
King Snurre, Chaos Champion of Slaanesh (Noise) giant fire CR 14 Huge Lawful Evil Lawful Evil 4e Noise Marine Slaanesh
Shadowfell Vampire (Second Generation)
Air Elemental Elemental CR 5 Desert Mountain
Modrion Artimis
Modrion Mayday
Llai Pack Animal Herbivore
Cockatrice Monstrosity Grassland CR 1/2
Phoenix Elemental CR 16 Desert Mountain
Astral Dreadnought Monstrosity Titan CR 21
Empyrean generic monster npc celestial titan
Treant Plant CR 9 Huge Forest Nature-Themed Plant-Themed Basic Rules
Black Pudding Ooze CR 4 Underdark
Goblin Boss Forest Grassland Hill Underdark Humanoid Goblinoid CR 1
Goblin Forest Grassland Hill Underdark Humanoid Goblinoid CR 1/4
Rumble The Rock Golem Earth Elemental Companion
Axe Beak Beast Grassland Hill Misc. Creature CR 1/4
Zombie Urban Undead CR 1/4
Skeleton Undead CR 1/4 Medium Melee and Ranged Walk 30 ft. Darkvision 60 ft. Basic Rules
Young Barbarian Human mob cr 1/2
Aoquaquatl flying shark tolmec monster
Goblin Rider Goblin Rider CR 9
Shade Sprout
Crystal Shade
Smaller Horror
Mountain Giant EverQuest Giant
Swarm of Tiny Horrors
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Plant CR 6
Furry Captain shield wip
Vulture beast familiar companion vulture
Scarlett Brotherhood Superior (incomplete)
Scarlett Brotherhood Assassin Scarlett Brotherhood
Double Agent Scarlett Brotherhood
Scarlet Brotherhood Brother Scarlett Brotherhood
Scarlet Brotherhood Initiate Scarlett Brotherhood
Tobi-Kadachi Large Monster
Adult Forest Drake
Mob of Zombies Mob Undead Zombies CR 13
Abyssal Reaver Grunt
Hunter-Killer Drone
Reconnaissance Drone
Stinger Drone
Lilith, Queen of Devotion NSFW 31+
Vorlath, Primal Heart 31+ soulslike
Angel of Decay Undead CR 15
Blackwing Undead CR 8 Neutral Evil Huge Aerial Melee Walk 30 ft. Fly 80 ft." Darkvision 60 ft. Auran Common Rot-Themed Homebrew
Vorlath, Guardian of the wild 31+ soulslike
Displacer Beast Displacer Beast Monstrosity Cat Evil Fey
Blue Dragon, Ancient Dragon CR 23 Coastal Desert
Red Dragon, Wyrmling Dragon CR 4 Alignment Medium Melee Walk 30 ft Climb 30 ft. Fly 60 ft. Darkvision 60 ft. Blindsight 10 ft. Draconic Basic Rules
Specter Undead CR 1 Chaotic Evil Medium Melee Hover 50 ft. Darkvision 60 ft. Underdark Urban Languages Spooky-Themed Basic Rules
Gold Dragon, Adult Forest Grassland Dragon CR 17
Time Dragon, Wyrmling
Kraken Monstrosity Titan CR 23 Chaotic Evil Gargantuan Melee Walk 20 ft. Swim 60 ft. Truesight 120 ft. Legendary Lair Underwater Abyssal Celestial Infernal Primordial Telepathy Basic Rules
Needle Blight Forest Plant CR 1/4
Twig Blight Forest Plant CR 1/8
Feathergale Knight
Vine Blight Forest Plant CR 1/2
Will-o'-Wisp Forest Swamp Urban CR 2 Undead
Bone Knight
Warlord Humanoid Urban CR 12
Kara (Irina's Lynx Companion) Animal Companion Beast Feline Lynx
Elara, Shrouded In Red
Guiding Reaper
Aegis Reaper
Desolation Reaper
Gorthek Beast Grassland CR 3
Kuo-Toa Idol
Rock Wren
Jungle Troll
Adel Deer Fay Fey Beast Medium CR1 cr1
Giant Bat
Giant Badger
Giant Ape
Ulra Von Wispersmith, Emperor of The Sinking Domain NPC Djinni
Manhunter Yx
Tuk the Brute
Red Fan Ninja lvl 3 Human Ninja CR 9
The Big Blink Dog Fey Canine Dog
Sun Knight of Sol-rai D.sun Guard 6.10
Ninja Tortle Tortle Mob Ninja CR 3
Purple Ninja Tortle Ninja Tortle Caster The foot Cr 5
Orange Ninja Tortle Ninja Tortle The Foot Cr 5
Blue Ninja Tortle Ninja Tortle The Foot Cr 5
Red Ninja Tortle Ninja Tortle The Foot Cr 5
Flying Snake
Gibbering Orb aberration demon CR 13 Large beholder gibbering mouther
Demonfang Golem golem Large chaotic evil evil chaotic demon CR 16
The Pike Demon Demon Iron Pike CR 8
Yuan-ti Broodguard Minion Minions
Dire Wolf
Yuan-ti Pureblood Minion Minions
Constrictor Snake
Brown Bear
Blood Hawk
Kern, Ever Drinker Ancient Red Dragon Vampire Dragon Undead
Befallen Commander EverQuest Befallen undead medium cr 22 neutral evil
Blink Dog
Black Bear
Vampire Bat
Marnek Jaull gnome everquest spellcaster legendary actions reactions turn resistance undead fortitude pst planeshift tarkir
Fruit Bat
Amiaz the Cold Shade undead cr 17 chaotic evil evil chaotic cold Warhammer winterwight Everquest Befallen
Gynok Moltor (Mummy) Undead Custom Mummy Lord Gynok Moltor Everquest Rogue CR 15 Chaotic Evil Medium chaotic evil
Morsa Kinkiller, Priestess of Solusek Ro Everquest Befallen Solusek Ro Neutral Evil evil neutral Morsa Kinkiller Medium Human Humanoid CR 9
Diome Horse
City Guard Human CR 1/2
Yuan-ti Malison Minion Minion
Behemoth Spirit
ViCeRoy Dragon 11.15 WIP
Riding Horse Beast CR 1/4 Grassland Urban
Wyvren Beast Desert Forest Grassland Hill Mountain Swamp CR 1
Sentinel Turret item turret
Heavy Crossbow Turret item turret
Light Crossbow Turret item turret
Skin Stealer backrooms
True Jiangshi Undead Jiangshi Zombie CR 10
Grimlurker Mother
Forest Drake Larva
Elmo (Henchmen, Groot), 8th henchmen elmo The Ninth World
Grinding Gears Airship
Boblin the explosive expert 6n10
Faustfvor the Seething (Blizzard Dragon) Dragon Ice Frost Adapted kyurem pokemon chaotic evil white CR 13 paragon
Faustfvor the Seething (Ice Giant) elemental giant cold CR 10 chaotic evil evil chaotic Huge
Vefreyja, the Ice Giant’s Daughter elemental giant cold CR 8 neutral evil evil neutral Large
Sha’ir Shafazal Al-Qadim conjurer sha&039;ir wizard chaotic neutral chaotic neutral CR 12
Flesh Golem varient 0.5 Horror Flesh
Corrupted Captain
Arsene (Ghoul) monster
Shadow monster
Skeleton monster
Bronze Statue of Nike monster
Giant Zombie Rat monster
Ice Giant elemental giant cold CR 8 neutral evil evil neutral Large
Hammer of Dawn Vehicle Flesh
Gelatinous Side Table
Gelatinous Kitchen Chair
Gelatinous Table
Gelatinous Armchair
Wandering Warrior (Spear) Warrior Wanderer CR 4
Wandering Warrior (Berserker) Berserker Wanderer CR 4
Wandering Warrior (Sword) Warrior Wanderer CR 3
Wandering Warrior (Axe) Warrior Wanderer CR 3
Deployed Mech Marvelous Mechahat
Water Weird
Rot creature Rot
Blood-Toll Harpy
Minor Tree Blight
Pharsis, the Everqueen CR 24 Huge monstrosity neutral evil evil neutral aberration engineered life xenomorph
Dire Rat
Arytiss (Greater Steed Max)
Adult Adamantine Dragon
Ancient Adamantine Dragon
Slovurn Scout
Ancient Minotaur CR 10
Father William
Hons Frickleberry Halfling Commoner CR 1/8
Spirit Dragon shaman wyrmbound subclass
Geist shaman spirit guide subclass
Tressym Familiar
Weasel Familiar Weasel
Scion of Herrekles CR 4
Bugbear Army swarm bugbear
Fire Giant giant fire CR 9 Huge Lawful Evil Lawful Evil 4e
Cloud Giant giant cloud CR 9 Huge neutral evil good 4e
Stone Giant giant stone CR 7 Huge neutral 4e
Black Syrup
Mushroom King
Sin Eater 6.10 Dark
Elder Crab CR 1
Warden Sergeant
Zhikitu, High Priest of Kairon
Cait Sidhe
Shadow Master
Shadow Father
Shadow Airship
Shadow Razzik
Shadow Thug
Skeleton Crew
Fiendish Spirit
Ferangeem CR 2
Clockwork Bat D&D 5e homebrew monster construct tiny
Winter Moon Boss Divinity Dragon Winter Moon
Abomination of the Vats CR 15 Huge unaligned monstrosity hydra SMT5
Arcane Guardian
Gear-Blood Hound 0.5 Horror Flesh
Sneevil goblinoid
Abomination of Automation construct robot monstrosity CR 15 ASE
Heart Zombie
Heart of the Forest
Giant Red Panda
Typhon Nightmare (Type II) Huge undead chaotic evil evil chaotic CR 21
Esteron D&D monster beast 1/4 CR Kobold Press
Feyr eldritch horror lovecraft
Babau DnD 5e demon monster fiend MoTMV motm
Elara, Goddess of the Blood Moon
Otherworldly Steed
Animal of the Sea
Animal of the Land
Young Riding Lizard D&D 5e monster homebrew beast mount
Blistercoil Weird izzet blistercoil weird blistercoil weird mtg ravnica ggr
Singe's Mech
Dawn Sister
Slovurn Captain
Slovurn Soldier
Pegasus wyvern
Wyvern wyvern
Urtier des Meeres Monster Waldläufer TCE deutsch PsychoWedge
Urtier des Landes Monster Waldläufer TCE deutsch PsychoWedge
Urtier des Himmels Monster Waldläufer TCE deutsch PsychoWedge
Thixotropic Slime Ooze
Kistune Fox-Form
Giant Ant Tome of Beasts monster ant giant CR2
Wyvern Wyvern
Drake Companion
Untoter Geist Monster Zauberbeschwörung TCE deutsch PsychoWedge
Unholdgeist Monster Zauberbeschwörung TCE deutsch PsychoWedge
Tiergeist Monster Zauberbeschwörung TCE deutsch PsychoWedge
Schattengeist Monster Zauberbeschwörung TCE deutsch PsychoWedge
Konstruktgeist Monster Zauberbeschwörung TCE deutsch PsychoWedge
Feengeist Monster Zauberbeschwörung TCE deutsch PsychoWedge
Elementargeist Monster Zauberbeschwörung TCE deutsch PsychoWedge
Celestischer Geist Monster Zauberbeschwörung TCE deutsch PsychoWedge
Geisterhafte Aberration Monster Zauberbeschwörung TCE deutsch PsychoWedge
Adro Ivaean
Goldheart Mevara
Grabesskorpion Insect Underdark Tunnel
Draugr Warrior Draugr
Redic Cat epoch 9 clara cloudfellow wild animals beasts
METATRON robot UNITY proxy CR 18 Lawful Huge
Graz'zt in Azzatar
Fraz-Urbluu in Hollow's Heart
Gnoll 5e monster manual
Psychic Gray Ooze Monster Manual 5e ooze variant
Demogorgon in the Gaping Maw
Gray Ooze Monster Manual 5e ooze
Noxidus D&D 5e monster dragon evil homebrew
Baphomet in the Endless Maze
10 meter Pure Titan
Kosmaras War Machine
The Guardian
Howler Wolf
Fire Fist Adept MA Humanoid CR 6
Dragon Fist Adept MA Humanoid CR 6
Gloomium-Chrome Hulk radiation gloomium umber hulk monstrosity elemental earth large Demogorgon chaotic evil evil chaotic CR 8
Adult Oblex
Great Bear Beast
Maggie Keeneys (T1) rywal
Irvan Wastewalker (T1) rywal
Galsariad Ardyth (T1) rywal
Sister of Battle The Ninth World (Homebrew) Warhammer 40k Medium lawful neutral humanoid human CR 13
Mindflayer Psyker Mindflayer marine psyker marine medium Lawful Evil evil lawful aberration
Gelatinous Cube Monster Manual 5e
Versvesh Verthica, The Storm Dragon
Sproket 0n5
Fox Spirit of Moradin homebrew fire elemental celestial
Flesh Titan 6.10 Horror Flesh
The Special Piper
Lesser Demon
Enraged Ogre
Orcish Bomber
Kal' Duln Orc
Heinrich Kemmler
Grendalspawn Broodmother CR 24 Huge monstrosity neutral evil
Grendalspawn Larval Swarm swarm swarm 2.0 alien CR 5 chaotic evil evil chaotic Medium
SCP-266, Will O The Wisp
SCP-173, The Sculpture
Wild Magic Deinocheirus
Grendalspawn Eviscerator grendalspawn eviscerator alien aliens
SCP-021, Skin worm
Grendalspawn Hunter grendalspawn hunter alien aliens
Dragonvine Stalk
Diseased Rat Monster
Vortex Dragon, Adult Vortex Dragon Flying Adult LN Lawful Neutral Huge
Midnight Shadow Elemental CR 6
Evira the Undying
Directus Automata director robot construct robot Large neutral domination
Kame Style Sage MA Humanoid Transcendent CR 15
Ninja Human Mob Ninja CR 2
Progenie di Forneus
Warden Private Warden Lawful Good
Draconic Spirit
Celestial Spirit
Haunted Robot robot undead posssesed druid large construct
Uomo di Neve
Wyvern Dragon
Mummy Priest Undead Homebrew
Mummy Warrior Undead Homebrew
Wraith Undead
Shadow Undead
Elemental. Air Elemental
Elemental, Earth Elemental
Elemental, Water Elemental
Specter Undead
Wraith D&D 5e official monster stat block undead evil
Specter D&D 5e official monster stat block undead evil
Night's Watch Veteran NW Elite
Belrax LOTR Demon Balor based Rhunaar
Giant Canary
Natharan Skeleton
Zirlarq, Zombie Beholder undead beholder
Giant Blazebird
Elemental Spirit
Construct Spirit
Aberrant Spirit
Demon (Direwolf)
Void Spawn
Tiny Servant
Warrior Spirit
Undead Spirit
Shadow Spirit
Fey Spirit
Katsuragama Guard
Fort Shadow-Fang Soldier
Juvenile Void Guardian
Pyrohydra (12-Headed)
Ashgarlyth (Ash) Dragon Bronze Flying Swimming Monster Manual MM
Warrior Spirit D&D 5e spirit celestial monster stat block good homebrew
Giant Lizard
Dragon Chosen humanoid imperial army
BADGER! BADGER! Beasts Giant Badger
Draconian Mastermind monstrosity fizbans treasury of dragons imperial army force poison
Draconian Dreadnought monstrosity fizbans treasury of dragons imperial army fire shapechanger
Draconian Infiltrator monstrosity fizbans treasury of dragons imperial army poison
Draconian Mage monstrosity fizbans treasury of dragons imperial army necrotic
Draconian Foot Soldier monstrosity fizbans treasury of dragons imperial army
Behir, Young Blue
Velomachus Lorehold dragon strixhaven strixhaven a curriculum of chaos thunder force wizard
Gold Greatwyrm dragon fizbans treasury of dragons greatwyrm mythic legendary fire
Shadrix Silverquill dragon strixhaven strixhaven a curriculum of chaos radiant psychic bard
Adult Deep Dragon dragon fizbans treasury of dragons adult poison psychic
Adult Gold Dracolich dragon custom adult undead fire
Adult Green Dragon dragon monster manual adult poison
Vex Rhunaar Dunmer Boss Fenris
The Dawnbreaker
Ancient Black Dragon dragon monster manual ancient acid
Draconic Shard dragon fizban&039;s treasury of dragons undead
Young Silver Dragon dragon monster manual young cold
Young Emerald Dragon dragon fizbans treasury of dragons young psychic
Luna Demon
Martial Arts Novice MA Humanoid CR 1/2
Martial Arts Adept MA Humanoid CR 3
Blood Abomination blood magic sangromancy Dragon Age
Bestial Spirit
Gar Shatterkeel (Boss Version) Medium Humanoid Neutral Evil evil neutral water prophet temple of elemental evil princess of the apcolypse
Sword Dancer D&D 5e monster stat block eilistraee elf drow homebrew
Union Cultist Union Evil
Abyssal Wretch Demon Fiend CR 1/4
Aboleth Aberration Underdark CR 10
Cauldronbubble beast awakened EQ ToEE Olhydra Kedge Keep CR 10 netural evil neutral evil princes of the apocolypse
Abhorrent Overlord Fiend CR 9
Swarm of flying Caltrops swarm
Flying Shield
Great Cockatrice
Werefox lycanthrope fox
Elder Tempest elemental gargantuan
Apprentice Water Bender
Lampad MOT fey
Alseid MOT fey
Fleecemane Lion MOT monstrosity lion
Bronze Sable MOT construct
Amphisbaena MOT snake monstrosity
Awaken Tree
Water Weird
Frostbite Jelly ooze
Succubus/Incubus fiend mm
Fire Snake
Red Fan Ninja lvl 2 Human Ninja CR 5
Red Fan Ninja Human Ninja CR 3
Gray Ooze ooze
Black Pudding ooze
Empathator Tale of the Moonslayers
Guardian Naga
Spirit Naga
Rootlight Healer
Bone Naga
Blighted Sapling TCSR
Void Avatar FFXIV Reaper
Bishop Autoturret FFXIV Tinkerer
Rook Autoturret FFXIV Tinkerer
Olhydra mythic elemental water princess neutral evil evil neutral Huge
Angelo di Carne
Selene FFXIV Fey
Garuda-Egi FFXIV Egi
Titan-Egi FFXIV Egi
Ifrit-Egi FFXIV Egi
Topaz Carbuncle FFXIV Carbuncle
Emerald Carbuncle Carbuncle
Swarm of Aaracockra
Swarm of Goblins
Akil'Ceroth the Black Wyrm
Aspect of Spring Aspect of Spring Miniboss Temple of SolEthas
Shambler Evil Undead Horde
Aspect of Winter Aspect of Winter Minibosses Temple of SolEthas
Aspect of Summer Aspect of Summer Miniboss Temple of SolEthas
Aspect of Autumn Aspect of Autumn Miniboss Temple of SolEthas
Dark Barny 6.10 Horror
Dracunyer Creature Humanoid Medium
Servant Of The Eye (Greater) Servant of the Eye Beneath the Temple of Elemental Evil aberration elemental chaotic evil evil chaotic
Lich Durmand Saval Lich Durmand Saval Boss Durmands Death Trap
Shield Sentinel Shield Sentinel Miniboss Durmands Death Trap
Elric Spellsong
Fire Temple Troll (Brilliam! Brent! Brian!) troll large giant chaotic evil evil chaotic ToEE Temple of Elemental Evil Princes of the Apocalypse
Sword Sentinel Sword Sentinel Miniboss Durmands Death Trap
The Long-Arm Centipede Giant (Petrification, Fire) The Giant Deep Carbon Observatory Sekiro Long Arm Centipede Sen-Un
Bellus the Wise (The Blasphemous) Bellus the Wise Miniboss Durmands Death Trap
Guby el lemur myrwin guby rodrigo
Marlos Urnrayle Cr 12 netural evil evil neutral monstersity Medium
Veritan the Spellweaver (The Scorned Sorceress) Veritan the Spellweaver Miniboss Durmands Death Trap
Perdition Boxer/Big John the Champ
Furnace Knight
Silvermoon Dualist
Shormin Shadowblade (The Shadow) Shormin Shadowblade Miniboss Durmands Death Trap
Aerix the Brave (The Forgotten) Aerix the Brave Miniboss Durmands Death Trap
Samurai Human CR 7
Dragonnel Mount
Ancient Spider beast spider forest swamp underdark urban
Abyssal Dire Wolf beast wolf forest hill swamp
Narehate Fionnuala
Brick Troll
Typhon Nightmare (Type I) Huge undead chaotic evil evil chaotic CR 20
Nightwalker Huge undead chaotic evil evil chaotic CR 20
Elmo (Henchmen, Groot), 7th henchmen elmo ToEE
Giant Moth
Ainentara, The Daughter of Gods, the Doom of Dalis Goddess Dragon Evil BBEG
Lunatic Student
Bestial Spirit Ala
Hunter Avatar
The Choir Invisible
Flayed One The Ninth World Homebrew Warhammer 40k ghoul ghost robot cyborg chaotic evil evil chaotic medium
Peerless CR 5 neutral evil construct robot evil neutral
Northern Everyman's Adder (Grown) Erdenfold Deerkin Creepdeer Snake Adder Northenland Woods Hills Fields
M91/BASTION Bastion robot UNITY proxy CR 18 Lawful Huge
M32/SPECTATOR SWARM robot scarab necron CR 5 swarm unaligned Large
Ocean Dragon Dragon
Buff Hamster 1/8p1/4
Cerebric Tsaalgrend (Jacksam) fungus abberation plant CR 3