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Yurk Tribe

    Scholars argue about how long the Yurk Tribe existed and whether it truly was just one tribe. But according to Yahlah holy texts the Yurk tribe was led from the Garden of Tehth by Yah Lah and the tribe only lived and the holy settlement of Yursh 800-1000 days. Some scholars insist that their were other people in the vincity of the Yurk tribe, but the holy texts insist that the Yurk tribe was the only tribe and all the Yurkish people are descended from them.   While the the descendants of the Nil Yeni would find there customs strange. The Yurk tribe did not have strong gender norms and they traced their linage both patralinally and matrilineally. The Yurk would make a life long commitment to one other Yurk and raise children together. It was not uncommon for two Yurk of the same gender to make a commitment to each other. Although when this happened the expectation was for the couple to raise any children whose parents had been lost.   While the Nil Yeni had a informal Himoth system of leadership. The Yurk tribe held the The Korning, a ceremony held every 20 days to pick their Urk who would lead them for the next 20 days. They also had a group of lower urks who were called the Ords and would advise the Urk and could over rule him if a majority of them agreed.   The Gra Ather Faiths which the Yurk Tribe followed made it very clear that every human has value and you must treat all humans with respect and dignity. Taking life under any circumstance is wrong.
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