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Old Garrish

As the Yurk people expanded throughout the river valleys and needle grass woodlands. There remained large portions of unexplored and uninhabited areas. The Garrish people lived on the outskirts of the Old Din Yurkish people and explored the vast uninhabited wilderness. The Old Garrish people did not follow the Yurkish was of nonviolence and council elections.   Instead they were a nomadic people who lived in small tribal groups usually lead by a strong tribal chieftain. The Garrish people did not share the nonviolence with the Old Din Yurkish and thus would often times get into conflicts with the Din Yurkish and were often portrayed in Old Din Yurkish stories as less then human and not deserving of human decency. This created a contrast with the Old Din Yurkish ideals. At one point the whole Garrish people were prosocuted   Due to their status barbaric peoples hardly deserving of dignity, the Garrish people were always pushed to the fringes of unsettled land as the Old Din Yurkish people expanded.

Cover image: by Cory Brooke-deBock


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