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Yurk Cities

If the Yahism holy texts are to be believed at around day 2000, the Yurk Tribe had fractured into multiple small cities and villages. Many of these cities and villages did not have that much of a distinct culture from the Yurk Tribe. Most of the cities still had a version of The Korning and appointed a ruler. They still had a focus on life long relationships.   The Yurk all receive a customized Chanoth Necklace on their 30th day. This symbolizes their unique personality and their commitment to the Gra Ather. Ripping off someone's Chanoth is deeply humiliating.   The cities still followed the Gra Ather Faiths which still had a huge prohibition against killing in any form. The sport of Agg-ack was a common way to resolve disputes between groups of many sizes.   The penalty for murder, was either branding and complete ostracization or expulsion from the group. Or the accused could be branded and test the will of the Gra Ather usually involving extremely dangerous task to complete in the wilderness. For example when the sun sets survive the night with no clothes and no contact with people. Or with no weapons bring back a dangerous creature.

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