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    Majestic mountains, blanketed by lush jungles, soar into the clouds and ring the kingdom. Tropical rains feed the mountain streams which spill down mountainsides and pour into the roaring rivers that carve out the majestic valleys and flow towards the sea. These rivers quickly change into rapids and thundering waterfalls that cascade down from the heavens into the kingdom, before slowly changing into meandering rivers.


Ancient jungles of strange, exotic and unique trees cover much of the lowlands and Mochica's rolling hills are frequently blanketed in ferns and flowers.   For all its natural beauty Mochica is a kingdom with a troubled and uncertain future. It is a kingdom of blended beliefs and customs – those steeped in tradition from a distant land and time, and those of the unforgiving jungle and its secrets. It is a isolated nation run by traditionally aloof nobility who do their best to ignore their mysterious and often threatening jungle surrounds. It is small in terms of population with less that sixty thousand people living within its borders and most of these, within the kingdom's capital city itself.   Mochica has always had a strong king and well-trained and equipped army, despite its size. Mountain passes have always been fortified and guarded and the coastal borders were watched vigilantly. For centuries Mochica has relied upon the coast and the great mountains that border the nation to defend and deter it from attack from other more ambitious and military people and monsters. The jungles were once home to a reptilian empire and dinosaurs are a constant and ever increasing threat in the wilds.   Other problems also have arisen in the kingdom. Delvesdeep, the Mountain Dwarf city that has always supplied Mochica with the weapons, armour and iron it has needed, is under siege from above and below. Nestled into the base of the mountains, Tradesdeep, Delvesdeep’s trade town, has been destroyed by Rocktrolls and it is believed Orcs, grimlocks and illithid attack the city from beneath.   These are troubled times for this small but beautiful island nation.


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