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  Not far south of the Furrowed Hills, in the north-eastern corner of the kingdom, rolling farmlands and a few picturesque copses of ash and oak surround this town. It was a corner stone of the Old Faith and the ways of nature are still revered in this area today.
Nearby are the stronghold of Castle Fortuna, and the Monastery of the North Winds. The King’s Road North runs from this town to the village of Waymeet in the centre of the kingdom. Due to the continued protection of Eastward and the distance from the Jagged Peaks, this is a pretty safe and secure town.   The soldiers based here wear the sky blue of Thistledelve and their standard is a green thistle on a sky blue background.  


Thistledelve has been here as long as the history of Albion, in one form or another. It has spent most of its time as a village but in recent centuries has grown to be a town.  


Thistledelve was the home of the current King, Jarrad I, during the Chaos Wars, when he was Prince Jarrad. It was as far south as the hordes of the mountains managed to push during the wars and Thistledelve was hard pushed by the end. But it just held out due to some amazing warcraft by the now King and his advisors and generals.   The Duke of Thistledelve, Duke George, the twenty one year old cousin of the King is now ruler over Thistledelve and all the lands of the north.  

News and Rumour

A strange half-man, half-horse creature apparently called a centaur now resides at the druid's grove.


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