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Eastward Abbey

On the outskirts of the town of Eastward is the place where the horses of the Knights are trained. The third largest chapter house is located just south of the town of Eastward, attached to the Abbey of Eastward. The Abbey serves really as of secondary importance to the chapter house, as this chapter house is the place where the famous Knight’s Steeds are bred and trained. The grounds to the Abbey are huge and ranging and used to put the Steeds through their paces.
Eastward Abbey is a small church set in the grounds of the chapter house, really. The chapter house is a small stone keep which overlooks the Abbey and the grounds where the horses are trained. The grounds include large stables, training halls for the horses, tack rooms, exercise yards and miles upon miles of open expansive lands where the horses are trained.  


These lands were granted to the Church by the last Grandmaster of the Order, Sir Karith not long before he died.  


The Abbey and Chapter house escaped mostly untouched during the Chaos Wars. Since the end of the wars, this area has continued to be the centre of training for the holy steeds of the Knights of the Sun.
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