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The dwarven homeland, called Khazagrim by the dwarves, lies deep under the western end of the Furrowed Hills not too far from the Dragon’s Perch. It is the only place in all of Albion where dwarves are to be found, bar the few exceptions that take up adventuring and the well-known Dwarven Trade Missions. It is a mighty place with many halls, forges and craft shops. The entrances to Khazagrim are few and far between. Only one main entrance is known to the outside world and that lies in the western most hillside of the Furrowed Hills, over looking the place where the Dragon’s Flood leaves the Jagged Peaks. Less than a score miles to the north rise the foreboding slopes of the Dragon’s Perch.
Almost the entire population of dwarves in and around Albion lives in Khazagrim. There are some 500 dwarves living here in the halls and forges of the subterranean land.   A single monarch, Dain Balzar, rules the dwarven nation. His word is law. He is nearly 400 years old yet stout and strong like a young dwarf in his prime.  


No one in Albion really knows how long the dwarves have been hidden here in their great halls under the Furrow Hills.  


Very few people ever get to go to Khazagrim. No non-dwarves are ever allowed into its halls except in special circumstances such as happened in the Chaos Wars when the Fellowship of Pelor was permitted entrance, in the company of Traubon.   The dwarven trade missions are still running and trading with the people of Albion and in that way the dwarves keep apace with the developments above ground. They are slow to share news of what is happening below ground though.
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