Dwarven Trade Missions

These are caravans of dwarven craftsmen who travel all over Albion, trading.
The dwarves are the best weapon and armour smiths in the land. However they do not allow travellers into their realm to buy their goods. Instead dwarven trade missions are sent out. They travel the lands selling their goods and collecting news of the outside world.   The dwarves bring with them a collection of items: every single weapon and every single armour type can be bought from them (with one exception: they are forbidden to sell plate to the masses, but they do sell it to the Knights of the Sun). All of the items bought from the dwarves are of masterwork quality. They do not sell self-bows, however as these are the province of the elves. They do sell masterwork crossbows. The price of these items is simply book price (i.e. cheaper than anywhere else in the kingdom). They also demand one piece of news for each item brought from them. This ensures their homeland stays in touch with the outside world.   Whenever a dwarven trade mission is in town the market place is always swarming with soldiers and adventurers looking through their goods. The dwarves always travel with a large group of heavily armed guards of course and the merchants themselves are often the most powerful warriors in the band!
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